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Coral White Wedding Bouquet

2019 Wedding Trends

Evolving each year to incorporate ideas and inspiration from the ever-changing world of fashion and design, weddings offer an opportunity to display individuality and creativity while embracing seasonal styles. Influenced by renowned wedding planners, interior designers, and fashion gurus, here’s an insight into the top wedding trends of 2019.

Living Coral

Each year, Pantone - the US company famous for its colour matching system (PMS) - selects a colour of the year which immensely influences fashion trends worldwide. This year, the colour on everyone’s lips is Living Coral. Soft and delicate, yet lively and fresh, pink and orange coral tones will harmonise with classic whites and are effortlessly glamourized with metallic accents of copper and gold. Think light rose and pink sapphire crystals and opt for petals with lighthearted and mellow colouration for an infusion of cheerful optimism.

Bring the Outdoors In

Embracing greenery is still as fashionable as ever, remaining at the top of this year's wedding trends. Switching vibrant floral displays for decorative grasses and foliage brings depth and natural beauty to your venue. 2019 brings a return to nature with wild flowers, dried bouquets, and garlands of succulent green.

Back to Basics

Minimalism is taking the spotlight this year thanks to Meghan Markle’s breathtaking wedding gown and its elegant no-frills, no-fuss design. Reducing embellishments and favouring plain over patterned materials seems to be the vogue thing right now.

Rustic Upcycling

Taking things a step further towards the basics, stripped barns and open-brick buildings are on the rise for favourite locations. The engaged eco-conscious and ethical partners are reducing the carbon footprint of their wedding by upcycling items such as used bulbs and choosing foam-free ways to display their floral arrangements, such as vases and twine.


wedding tables venue

Banquet Tables

Grandeur hasn’t gone out the window, though, as fabulous banquet tables make a welcome comeback. Many brides-to-be will be arranging their seating plan with one or two long tables in mind instead of many smaller ones. Decorated with lavish centrepieces, low florals, and vintage candelabras, banquet tables allow all the guests to see each other and position the happy couple at the centre of the meal.


While the big day is your event, sharing small tokens of appreciation with your beloved guests is traditional. Personalised place settings are taking weddings by storm, adding a charming element to your day that guests can cherish. Wedding favours have come a long way from the five sugar-coated almonds that used to be handed out, with tailored hampers or engraved gifts being handed out instead. There’s no need to break the bank, though, as handcrafting these items is a super stylish move.

We hope these top trends have provided you with some wonderful ideas to turn your wedding day into the large and lavish or small and stylish event of your dreams. Shop our wedding collection for even more inspiration.

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