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Valentines Present and Flower

Popular Valentine's Gifts for Your Loved One

Possibly the warmest day in winter, Valentine’s Day allows us to spread love and let our nearest and dearest know they’re treasured. A large part of the rituals of this day is spoiling a special someone with gifts, but some are more common than others. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some traditional gifts to give your long-term love or new crush.


A classic way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day, it’s estimated that roughly 224 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day, with the figure rising each year. The favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, red roses are still the most popular choice by far. Artificial flowers are a great alternative to a fresh bouquet, maintaining their lush look for years to come.


Sweets for your sweet. Chocolate and candy are a favourite gift for courting your sweetheart on 14th February. Coming in an array of boxes and tied with pretty ribbons, these delicious treats make up an estimated 9% of Valentine’s Day expenditures. Sugary Love Hearts inscribed with messages are a cheeky and cheerful way to convey your feelings of affection through confection.


From Eau de toilettes to Eau de parfums, gifting fragrances is a tradition that has stood the test of time. Presented in an array of gorgeous and unique bottles, a spritz of your chosen dreamy aroma will ensure that love is in the air and your partner will think of you every time they smell it. If you don’t know her favourite scent, choosing a delicate floral or sweet fruity aroma is a safe bet. Musky and woody base notes are sure to be a perfect match for men.



Valentine's Day Teddy Bear


Flashy and extravagant, gifting jewellery allows your beau to wear a piece of your love on them wherever they are, showing it off to all their friends and family. They’ll be reminded of you whenever they look down at their hand or wrist or catch a glimpse of the sparkles in the mirror.

Teddy Bears

Cute and adorable, teddy bears and other soft toys are in abundance at this time of year. Give your crush or significant other a plush animal to snuggle up to and think of you. Whether it’s a giant huggable one or a sweet addition to their keychain, teddy bears and other soft animals are a heart-warming reminder that they’re loved.

Personalised Gifts

When we think of personalised gifts, we tend to picture engraved glassware, jewellery, or trinket boxes. However, a personalised gift can be anything tailored to its recipient – from gorgeous handmade arts & crafts or DIY items to a photo album containing your favourite memories together. Personalised gifts show you’ve put a lot of thought and perhaps time and effort into their production and are sure to make your loved one swoon.


Date Night

Unlike material gifts, many people celebrate February 14th with an experience instead. Treating your beloved to wine and dinner in a fancy restaurant or preparing a romantic evening meal at home tend to be the most popular choices – who doesn’t love a glass or two at a candle-lit table? Other top experiences include a weekend away, a spa trip, a visit to the movies, a hot air balloon ride, or surprise tickets to an upcoming event.

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic love; it’s another day of the year when we can showcase our love and appreciation to friends and family. Shop our Valentine’s Day collection to find the perfect gift for everyone you hold dear.


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