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Getting a Great Night’s Sleep Camping

Camping is an adventure; one that is supposed to make you feel at one with nature, perhaps even one to make you feel rejuvenated. However, you may struggle to feel that way if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. We’ve put together these handy pointers to help you feel well-rested, even out in the wilderness.


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Pitching Your Tent

The basis for any good camping trip is pitching your tent in a good area. You’re not going to get your forty winks when you’re sleeping on top of rocks and uneven ground. We advise pitching your tent on a flat surface, where you won’t be rolling off to one side in the night, or dodging debris underneath you. Scan the area for any noticeable rocks or twigs before you lay down your ground sheet.

Nice and Toasty

It’s no secret that the nights can get astonishingly cold when you’re camping, even in summer. It’s a good idea to bring thermals or extra blankets for night-time to ensure you’re as snug as a bug. Sleeping bags are great for insulating, but not so great at warming you up, so we suggest putting a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag before bed to allow it to heat up before you settle down for the night.

If you find yourself getting too warm at night, or in the early hours of the morning, a sleeping bag with a zip allows you to quickly release a leg or a foot to cool off!


Sleep Camping

Keep the Bugs at Bay

It’s a good idea to always keep your tent zipped shut to avoid creepy crawlies working their way in. Most tents now have a mesh layer, so you can ventilate your tent while keeping bugs outside where they belong. This is especially important at night when you’re using a lamp or torch inside your tent.

Comfy and Dry

For your best chance at a restful night’s sleep, bring a comfy air bed. You can set it to your preferred firmness, and you’ll be unlikely to feel any lumps and bumps beneath you. We also advise you to keep your belongings (especially clothes) away from the sides of the tent. The walls of the tent tend to gather condensation or moisture, and your clothes will absorb this!


As much as we adore the soothing sounds of nature, we don’t enjoy the sound of people snoring in the tent next to us. Keeping a pair of earplugs to hand means you’re prepared for nearby campers being noisy into the AM, and you can get that well-deserved rest.

Hopefully, this has helped you get packed for a cosy night camping. Don’t forget to browse our Camping department for all of your top camping essentials!

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