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How to Care for & Maintain Your Gazebo

Tall, grand, and luxurious, gazebos create the perfect spot for summer relaxing or used as the centre of a garden party. To make sure your gazebo really stands out as a point of style in your garden, you’ll want to make sure it’s kept clean and protected. Whether you have a metal gazebo or a wooden one, we’ve pulled together some great tips to help you keep it easily maintained.


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Metal Gazebos

Often popped up and down as events require them, metal gazebos are one of the easiest to maintain. You’ll want to treat the frame and any side-screens separately to make sure nothing gets in the way as you work, so make sure you remove the screens. The frame can be easily washed with warm soapy water; use a sponge or soft cloth for most of it and add a bit more elbow grease with a scourer if needed. Screens can usually just be brushed off, with a bit of vigorous movement dislodging any dirt from the small gaps. If the screen still looks like it needs more cleaning, go at it with more warm soapy water, and leave it outside in the sun to dry. Make sure you take down your metal gazebo when not using it and put it into storage if bad weather is afoot. For extra protection, you could cover it with a protective paint for exterior metal to help prevent rusting.

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Wooden Gazebo

A wooden gazebo can be an absolutely stunning structure, designed to be built and kept up all year round to bring a rustic aesthetic to your garden. The long-lasting nature of them means they're a little harder to maintain, but it’s definitely worth it as they create the perfect sport for relaxation in almost any weather.

The most important part of caring for a wooden gazebo is preventing it from weathering. To do this, make sure you paint a couple of layers of waterproof sealant over it every two years. If your gazebo is painted, you should re-paint it around the same time, and then add the sealant after the paint has dried. Make sure you keep thick foliage or flowering around the gazebo trimmed down, to allow for a decent amount of airflow around the wood. To keep a wooden gazebo clean, make sure you regularly brush down the roof and sides and scrub away at the dirt with soapy water and a sponge whenever needed. Never use a pressure water spray, as the force from the water could damage the structure, especially if you have a shingled roof.

All in all, we can say with confidence that the small amount of vigorous maintenance will definitely be worth it so you can simply chill out in the shady warmth during the summer. And, if you pick a good sunny day in spring to pick up the tasks, it can even feel like a relaxing day spent outside getting ready for summer.

Don’t have a gazebo yet but are considering buying one? Check out our Guide to Buying a Gazebo, as well as our Summer Patio Ideas article to make sure your outdoor space looks and feel fantastic as summer approaches.

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