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Lighting Ideas for your Living Room

Arguably the most family-orientated room in the home, the living room is where many of us come together to spend time with one another, whether in deep conversation or sitting on the sofa and enjoying a good movie or two. But to create the perfect atmosphere for such occasions, you’re going to want to have a good think about your lighting. Not to worry, though, as we’ve listed some ideas you may want to consider.

Ceiling Lights

Some regard the ceiling light as the centrepiece of any room, so giving some real thought over what would work best in your living room is a great idea. For example, a homeowner with a taste for elegance may want to indulge in a gorgeous chandelier. The chandelier is widely considered a breathtaking feature because of its innate ability to bestow glamour to any setting, and a living room is an ideal setting. On the other hand, pendant lighting comes in a vast array of unique styles, meaning you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from, and why not add a dimmer switch to boost the mood lighting options for those movie nights. Read more on dimmer switches and alternative methods of ambient lighting in our Create Ambient Lighting in Your Home article.

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Floor Lamps

Perhaps a bit different from what you would expect in your average living room, floor lamps can complement your living room’s décor especially; you just need to find the right spot for them. Maybe you want to add a touch of French or British grandeur with the stunning Eiffel Tower and Big Ben floor lamps, or perhaps something that displays your other pieces of décor like a 4 Tier Standing Floor Lamp is the way to go.


Smart Lighting

If you want to experience the future of stylish lighting, smart lighting is a cutting-edge, technological powerhouse perfect for living rooms. Smart lighting gives you complete control of its features, all at the touch of a button via an app. Made plans for a box set marathon with the partner? Create a schedule for when you want the lights to turn on or off. Expecting a visitor but worried you wouldn’t hear the door because you find yourself easily glued to the TV? Smart lighting can change colour when your doorbell rings, meaning you’ll be visually cued instantly!

And the features don’t end there – because thanks to its dynamic light modes, you’ll be able to manually choose the brightness of your lights and even the colour with particular models.


Whether you’re looking for traditional or next-generation lighting for your living room, there are many options, so why not look through our entire Lighting Department for even more ideas on brightening your living room.


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