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bedroom lighting

Lighting Ideas for your Bedroom

For many, bedrooms are their sanctuaries – the one place where they not only get some much-needed rest but are free to express themselves fully. With that in mind, here are some things to consider if you want your lighting to complement your room’s vibe.

LED Lighting

Perfect for illuminating your bedroom in your colour of choice, LED lighting adds a splash of vibrancy while simultaneously boosting a bedroom’s overall aesthetic. LED strip lights give you the freedom to place them wherever you like. Perhaps you want to drown your entire room in colour by attaching them across your walls, or maybe brightening up your technology by surrounding your TV or computer monitor is your preference. Considering the multiple colours and brightness options thanks to the included remote, this is undoubtedly worth choosing if you’re seeking to change the mood of your bedroom at the click of a button.

Novelty LED Lighting

Novelty LED lighting is a trendy choice if you have a particular theme for your bedroom, or maybe you’re just a huge fan of unicorns and can’t possibly sleep without one on your bedside table. From stunning bouquets to unique aquariums, there’s something here for everyone. Some feature a soft glow, while others create a party atmosphere with beaming lights.

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Whether you’re seeking a minimalistic design or leaning towards something more expressive, it’s important to remember that a lampshade can easily become the centrepiece of your bedroom. Knowing this, it’s advised you make the decision carefully. For example, a child’s bedroom exuding everything pink could benefit from a shade of the same colour with a dash of character. Alternatively, if grandeur is your thing, a pendant light with all its options and unique styles is a great choice.

Desk Lamps

Consider how helpful a desk lamp can be if you desperately want to read a good book or use the PC late at night without waking anyone. Especially ideal if someone sleeps in the same bedroom as you, a desk lamp ensures you can still enjoy your time without the concern of disturbing anyone.


Look through our exciting and vast Lighting Department for more ideas on brightening your bedroom.

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