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Industrial Cage Ceiling Lights

Getting the Industrial & Antique Lighting Look

Industrial and antique styles are more popular than ever, influencing the interior designs of many hipster locations from coffee shops and restaurants to retailers and our own homes. It’s all about stripping things back to expose the bare brick, wood, and metal in an aesthetically pleasing way and wouldn’t be complete without some chic antique lighting….


Take away the frills and glamour of beautifully intricate designs and opt for simple constructions of black iron, wood, and bolts. This style lends itself to the creative mind, with wonderful designs of repurposed parts and cement stands being used for an antique and upcycled vibe. While some industrial lamps are painted for a more retro charm, natural metal tones such as copper, bronze, and silver give off a more authentic and rugged appearance.

Seeing the mechanics of your lamps - like the structure, screws, and odd exposed wire – will enhance the minimalistic and unrefined aesthetic you’re going for.


industrial style ceiling light

Pendants and Shades

Continuing the use of exposed metal, wire cage shades are a favourite choice for this style. They create an unfinished, rustic feel that effortlessly enhances the look. Turning components of a construction site or maritime lights into appealing home décor, these cages will complement your other urban stylings and work well with the textures of brick, cement, and wood.

Domes of metal act as efficient downlighters and are ideal for suspending over areas that need more light, such as dining tables and work surfaces. Copper and brass blend beautifully with clear glass to achieve that antique, city-life look and are a great way of infusing your space with these warmer tones.


Think filament! Go back to the early days of electricity when LEDs didn't exist and flush chrome fittings weren't even an idea. These low-light bulbs produce a yellow glow from their antique internal coil that helps give your industrial style the warm and cosy feel it needs. LED versions of these appealing bulbs are even available to help keep your energy bills down.


If you're just updating your shades to match your new style, rather than changing the whole fitting, then you may find that your classic white cable detracts from your ceiling light's overall appearance. Black cables and fittings, clear ones with visible wires, or hanging chains are perfect for keeping it coordinated.


Going back to the antique maritime look, lanterns are perfect for adding to the atmosphere of your space both indoors and outdoors. Beautiful in brass, bronze, and copper, these alternative lighting accessories can be used with real candles or LED candles and will help to warm your space with their ambience.

For more home lighting solutions, browse our collection of lights and accessories.

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