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Sunny Seaside Accessories

The seasons have swung back around and the sun is set to full heat. Whether you're jetting off to a beach abroad or soaking up the rays at a local shore, there are a few essential accessories you need to pack to make your seaside trip a super one.


Fun in the Sun

You can always rely on a bucket and spade for hours of fun on a sandy coast. From castles and trenches to deep holes and large sculptures, these popular plastic tools will keep you and your children entertained all day.

Ball games, like cricket, swingball, or boules are easy to pack alongside the picnic, provide extra entertainment, and are a great way to burn off some steam in the sun.

If temperatures are high and you’re looking to cool down, bring along some water guns, body boards, and fun swimming accessories. Make sure you keep an eye on any children that are in the water and ensure you’re taking a dip between the red and yellow lifeguarding flags if there are any. If there is a red beach flag out, it means the conditions are too dangerous for swimming.


Top Tunes

If the sound of breaking waves and seagulls squawking isn't seaside-enough for you, why not pack a portable speaker and let your summer tunes fill the air. Wirelessly connect your mobile to your device and put on some perfect beats while you relax on your towel or have a kick-about.  We recommend taking a water resistant one so that a small splash won't put an end to your good vibes.

If you just want to plug-in and listen to a personal playlist while you soak up the rays, make sure you’re equipped with a set of headphones before you set off.

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Perfect Picnic

No day at the beach would be complete without a slightly sandy, but still delicious, picnic. Pack a cool bag/box or insulated backpack with some tasty treats to nibble on in between all the fun and some bottles of water or a flask to keep you hydrated in the heat. If your picnic set doesn't already come with them, you'll need to remember to take some plates and cups, and some cutlery if your food requires it. It's a good idea to bring a large picnic blanket to lay it all out on as this will help to keep the sand out of it.

For more help with packing the perfect picnic, check out our article here.

Keeping Cool

We tend to flock to the beach on the sunniest of days, when the temperatures are sizzling and the SPF50 sun cream needs to be lathered on frequently. Whilst soaking up the rays and working on your tan is an instant mood-booster, it's important that you don't begin to burn or over-heat. The easiest way to cool down periodically is to find some shady shelter - this can be anything from a large and stylish floppy hat, to a parasol or cool beach tent.

Take a sip on a drink from your cool bag to keep your fluids up and treat yourself to an ice cream. If there's no breeze, create your own with a battery-powered mini fan or a traditional hand fan.

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