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JJ Kitchen Trends 2022 EB_3

Jonas & James Forecast for 2022 Kitchen Trends

It's often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is said with good reason! It's where families and friends come together to eat, cook, catch up over a brew, gossip with a glass of bubbly, and dance together during parties. With all this in mind, your kitchen should be both stylish and practical to accommodate and suit the amount of time you spend there.

In an effort to help you stay ahead of the game, we've pre-empted the significant kitchen trends of 2022. To mirror these trends in your own kitchen, head over to Jonas & James Kitchens to book an appointment with one of our designers.


Many of us will be glad to know that minimalist styles are very much here to stay. It's been a fashionable trend that's been around for the last few seasons, and it's never been more important to keep your space looking clean and clutter-free. With so many of us using our kitchens more often, whether for cooking or working in it, minimalism helps to keep your area functional for any use and easy to clean.

This style favours white cabinets, sleek, clean finishes, and plenty of storage space. Tall, built-in cabinets with matt or glossy doors help store your appliances with ease whilst keeping surfaces clear of anything not in use for optimum functionality. Meanwhile, handleless drawers and cupboards keep your space flowing in one contemporary, continuous movement to soften the look of your kitchen and bring a sense of clean calm to your home. This is especially important considering how chaotic kitchens can be when you start cooking.

Minimalism is also a brilliant choice for those with smaller galley kitchens. The popular decorating style puts the onus on compact, simple designs that suit limited spaces well, making the most of unique, concealed storage solutions like corner pull-outs, under sink storage, or pull-out larders, helping your home feel a little bit bigger. The drawers in our Jonas & James kitchens also feature integrated cutlery trays in a choice of Carbon Fibre Style or Powder Grey for easy organising, and all pull-outs are soft-close as standard.


Popular, and with good reason, choosing to go minimal can help your home feel newer and fresher as we head into 2022.


J&J Kitchen Trends 2022


Kitchen Islands

An island is a collection of free-standing cabinets in your kitchen that can complement or contrast your built-in cupboards whilst giving you more storage space and can even double up as extra seating space too. We love islands in larger kitchens as they can help break up empty space whilst giving you a convenient place to eat breakfast when the dinner table feels too formal. They also make lovely work and social spaces when not in use for cooking.

To free up more surface area on your main worktops, you can choose to place your hob on your island to give you more freedom around where to place your appliances. This will also allow you to utilise full height kitchen units, raising your oven to a more convenient level and helping to making the most use out of your space.

Hot Water Taps

Getting boiling water from a tap used to be a futuristic concept, but hot water taps have become increasingly popular in recent years. These modern taps add another element of luxury and practicality to your kitchen space, offering you cold, hot, and boiling water in an instant. Choosing a hot water tap can help to save you time whilst cooking, energy (as you're not using the stove or kettle), and of course, valuable worktop space. All of this helps to conveniently streamline your worktops for the busy family home.

Unique Colour Choices

We love pairing soft modernist and minimalist tones with Dulux's 2022 colour of the year, Bright Skies. This charming pale blue complements and adds a pop of colour to your walls, splashback, or even furnishings near your open plan kitchen. Modernist designs are well-suited to two-tone colour schemes thanks to the natural focus of the cabinets. Try pairing light counters with dark worktops, or choose contrasting kitchen paint for your walls.

For even more colour options, our Jonas & James Colour Plus palette helps you to personalise your cupboard doors in one of 23 colours from 4 tone groups - soft, aqua, mono, and warm. So whether you're still stuck on a colour or are unsure of which tone to pick, we can help you find the perfect shade. But if those gentle schemes don't quite hit the spot, then bold, experimental colours might be the way forward. Fortunately, we can help there too with the Jonas & James Tailored For You colour selection service. You really can have any colour cabinet door you'd like from deep, oceanic teals to sunshine yellows, and regal wine reds. Injecting your own personality into the kitchen has never been easier.

Modernist Styles

Often intertwined with minimalism as both concepts focus on simple colours, clean lines, and functionality, modernist kitchens are an excellent alternative for those looking for a bit more character. The modern design musn't be confused with contemporary design, however. Contemporary refers to the now and future, whilst modernism is defined by an era that's passed, usually inspired by the early and mid-20th century. In short, you can afford to go more vintage with this design choice.

Modernist kitchens also benefit from colourful accents, which brings us neatly to...


JJ Kitchen Trends 2022 PIS_2

Textured Work Surfaces

Perfect for adding depth and character to your kitchen counters, opting for textured work surfaces is a great way to lift your kitchen. Marble remains a popular choice for this thanks to its sleek and elegant look. The popular print and material is synonymous with luxury and adds a multi-tonal element to the space too, making it easier to pick out accent colours when it comes to decorating or choosing appliances. Alternatively, wood panel patterns provide your home with a natural effect that adds warmth and vintage style.

Bold Tiles

Finally, we predict that tiled splashbacks will create the perfect focal point for any kitchen. Depending on the design of your kitchen, you might choose a simple one-tone glass tile, or ultra-fashionable mosaic tiles. Try experimenting with different laying patterns such as herringbone, chevron, a basket weave, or perhaps even diagonals. Tiles are a great way to inject personality into your space whilst creating an easy-to-clean backing for the sink or cooker.

Eco Inspired

Filling your kitchen with plenty of wooden cabinets and worktops is the perfect way to create an environmentally conscious and inspired kitchen. The eco kitchen benefits from earth tones - almost creating a country-home aesthetic. Think natural wooden cabinets, like our Jonas & James real timber cupboard doors, solid wood dining furniture, with glass and metal accents, all combining to create a space that's both comfortable and practical.

If your kitchen gets plenty of light, it's the perfect place to grow windowsill herbs and plants for fresh ingredients on tap whenever you cook. If you're not lucky enough to have a south-facing kitchen, adding faux plants to your surfaces help add a touch of greenery to the environment, enhancing and highlighting your natural decor.

Brass and Copper Finishings

The perfect finishing touch to both minimalist and modernist kitchens, brass or copper handles, taps, and fittings give your home a beautiful accent that helps your space keep a contemporary vibe. Brass works well with earth tones, adding a metallic finish that complements perfectly, whilst copper in a minimalist kitchen adds subtle colour and luxury to white colour schemes.

This charming finishing touch was born from the rose gold trend and is a subtle choice for anyone who loves this modern metallic, giving you a sophisticated and more grown-up look that works for any family kitchen.

If you're itching to upgrade your kitchen with one or more of these in-vogue ideas, you can browse our full collection of Jonas & James Kitchens and book an appointment with one of our designers today.

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