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Laundry Stripping Guide

Do you ever wonder if your laundry is as clean as it could be? Well, laundry stripping has taken social media by storm. The process is designed to super deep clean your laundry. It became popular for its shocking results when people see the colour of the water after an extensive soaking. It’s also ultra-satisfying to watch it happen! Here’s our guide to stripping your laundry at home.

What you’ll need

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Firstly, you need to fill your bathtub with your laundry mix and hot water. If you’re doing this with dark coloured items, remember that hot water can make the dye run, which may contribute to the colour of the water. When this is done, give it a mix. Many tend to use a stick or pole to protect their hands.

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Next, you’ll want to add your laundry. Give it a mix and make sure it’s all soaked, then leave for 4-6 hours. Some like to stir it every hour just to keep things moving.


When you’ve experienced the gratifying results of seeing the water post-soak, it’s time to remove your items and drain the tub. Be aware that some of the colour is likely to be dye, but enjoy the satisfaction of what’s left at the bottom of your bath afterwards!


Finally, give your clothes a good rinse and put them on a normal wash without detergent. Tada! You can now enjoy your stripped laundry!


It’s advised that you don’t do this too often, as it can be unnecessary and damaging to your items long term, but we hope you enjoy the super satisfying process of laundry stripping and its shocking results!

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