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Shabby Chic EB

Get the Shabby Chic Look in Your Home

Shabby Chic is a common and popular home decorating theme that embraces all things country and farmhouse with a pastel-toned twist for a modern finish. Often coming hand-in-hand with French-themed designs thanks to its elegant curves, vintage themes, wooden features, and patisserie inspired colours, Shabby Chic is a versatile and inviting trend, and we want to share with you some of our top tips for bringing this fashionable home design into almost any room.

Neutral Walls

A great place to start with Shabby Chic is with the walls. White, rose, powder blue, and beige are all fantastic wall colours to base your decor around. The soft colours are easy to coordinate with your furniture and home furnishings and allow you to go big with other areas of decorating without making the space feel chaotic.

If you wanted to be more daring than just painting your walls one colour, try creating an accent wall with pale floral wallpaper, damask, or wood effects to create a warm yet rustic feel.

Once you have your wall colours and wallpapers picked out, you can start adding accessories that will tie in with the rest of your furniture. We like to use distressed mirrors with ornate, antique frames and mismatched photo frames in the same vintage style or with a natural wooden frame.

Shabby Chic ECI

Vintage Furniture

One of the best things about the Shabby Chic trend is that you can use second-hand furniture, or repurpose furniture you already have - in fact, it's encouraged! To upgrade your furniture to fit the trend, paint your wood furniture with furniture paint in a pastel, grey, or white shade. Once dry, sand the edges to allow some of the natural wood to peak through, leaving you with a charming, distressed finish.

If your furniture has door handles, you can also try swapping these for crystal-effect ones, floral ones, or even combine them for a mis-matched finish that's inexpensive. The whole point of Shabby Chic is for your furniture to look worn, loved, and repaired so you don't need your decor to be matching or polished.

Alternatively, you can go shopping for antique furniture that might already have this desirable worn look.

Shabby Chic PIS

How to Accessorise

You don't need a lot when it comes to accessorising your shabby chic home. Focus on florals, filling empty surfaces and shelves with vases of flowers - be unique with your vases; an old, vintage milk jug would suit the country aesthetic well and highlights the repurposed look you're trying to go for.

We love creating a focal point around the fireplace in living rooms or around bookshelves in bedrooms - you can do this by placing white-washed lanterns around your chosen room fixture, stringing up bunting, and adding fairy lights.

Adding Soft Furnishings

If you're decorating a living room or bedroom, you can add soft furnishings to create a warm and inviting finish that's sure to make your space feel complete.

Cushions in pale shades with linen covers or decorated with tassels are fun options that are easy to coordinate, making them wonderful base cushions. Add one or two accent cushions with your base collection on the bed or sofa, preferably printed with florals and mandalas, or in rich velvet material. Rugs are also a great way to enhance this theme and will help you create a cosy environment.

Throw blankets look best when draped over the corner of your bed or placed casually over the back of your sofa. The aim is for your space to look effortless, and a little, well, shabby! Perfectly laid out soft furnishings in this style can sometimes be harsh on the eye and contradict the style, so don't be afraid to allow things to look untidy. The best Shabby Chic throws are often cable-knit, tasselled, or floral printed jacquard. Think: your Nana's bedspread, but a little more modern!

When it comes to decorating your home in the Shabby Chic style, try to focus on woods, pastels, lace, and florals - these materials and colours work harmoniously together and makes the perfect foundation for your decorating.

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