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Magical Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Transform your garden with the addition of magical outdoor lighting. From fairy lights to solar lanterns, ambient lighting is a great way to make your garden a special place for entertaining and relaxing. Here are some of our ideas to take your garden from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Fairy Lights

When most people think of magical lighting, chances are they think of fairy lights. Versatile and affordable, they can be hung from trees or bushes, your fence or even the roof of your porch. You can choose simple LEDs for a subtle and elegant look, while decorative stars, hearts or paper lanterns all add a unique touch to your space. 


Place hurricane or outdoor lanterns on your patio, on tables or outdoor windowsills to add soft, low lighting to your garden. Light them with candles for a magical, flickering glow, and cluster together to create more light in certain areas. Add interest and depth to the light by choosing lanterns of different sizes – you could even hang them from sturdy tree branches or wall brackets!

Modern Outdoor Solar Lighting

Integrated Lighting

Place spotlights on your patio and garden pathways for a luxurious and elegant lighting solution. They provide ambient lighting that enhances any aspect of your garden, including water features, trees or gazebos. Flush lighting is subtle and modern, while lanterns and garden lamps bring a more classic and traditional look to your outdoor space. 

magical outdoor lighting square


Solar Lights

Solar lights come in an almost endless variety of designs, with everything from delicate string lights to adorable woodland animals. They can be placed on decking as added decoration, fixed onto walls and fences for convenience and security, or stood up on stakes in patches of grass or soil. Whether they're for decoration or extra peace of mind, you can dot your lights throughout bushes, borders, pathways, and flower beds to add a magical, twinkling glow to your whole garden.


Most solar lights have timers or sensors so they automatically turn on when it gets dark and turn off again when the sun starts coming up. They're a subtle touch that you don’t even have to think about – not to mention they don’t cost a thing to run, so they keep your garden bright and your electric bills down!



To keep your lighting features looking lovely and working as they should, you'll need to look after them like you do the other parts of your garden. Trim flora and foliage that's growing on them or blocking their light and clean off any dirt so their full potential can shine through. Check for any exposed or damaged cables and, if needed, rebury them to prevent future damage or accidents. Replace the bulbs in those which allow it and reposition any lights which have shifted due to weather conditions or curious critters.

Browse our collection of modern or novelty outdoor lighting solutions to add an enchanting glow and a touch of character to your garden.

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