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Chic Copper Ceiling Lights

Choosing the Right Ceiling Light

Interior lighting is a crucial component when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in your home. From calm and cosy glows to extravagant statements and bright modern fittings, we’ve created a guide to help illuminate your style and room.

Flush v Drop-Down

Flush lights give a space a sleek, contemporary appeal and often act as spotlights, ideal for working areas like kitchens or making small dark spaces feel bright and airy. Semi-flush fittings are mounted on ceiling roses suspended at a set height with no visible wiring, often branching out in beautiful displays. Drop-down designs like pendants and chandeliers make attractive and elegant lighting features ideal for high ceilings or room areas you won’t be walking underneath, such as over tables or work surfaces.

Dining Room Drop Down Lighting

Sizing Up

The larger your room, the larger the fitting will need to be in order to fully illuminate your space – unless you have more than one fitting in the room, in which case you can opt for several smaller lights. If you’re struggling to picture the size of the light in your room, ask someone to stand there with an extended tape measure.

ceiling light chandelier

Cluster v Single Bulb

Cluster lights host two or more bulbs, directing light in all angles and ensuring that every corner of the room is illuminated. Their designs can be sleek and contemporary to prevent overpowering your décor, or they can be elaborate and decorative for breath-taking features. Multi-armed chandeliers add a traditional and glamorous touch to your space. These are ideal if you have one main light in a room or want to make a real statement.

Single bulb fittings can be anything from a simple and classic fitting with a shade to chic industrial downlighters and elegant ombre pendants. They produce less light than cluster fittings and are better for directing light into a specific area where it’s most needed.


Crystal, chrome, or white and wood? This is where your style shines through. Glamorous crystal creations such as extravagant chandeliers or jewelled pendants offer beautiful ways to catch the eye and impress your guests. These are best placed in entranceways and living spaces for full impact.



More straightforward, toned-down designs are great for use in rooms where you want less distraction, such as your home office or bedroom. Chrome and copper keep things modern, while bronze brings a magical touch, and white emanates shabby chic vibes.

For more ideas and help with your interior lighting, check out the articles below or browse our lustrous collection of lamps, fittings, and shades.

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