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Most Haunted Places in the UK

The British Isles is famous for its myths, legends and things that go bump in the night. From London dungeons to Scottish castles, a rich and ancient history has made the UK one of the top ghost hunting spots in the world. As Halloween approaches, get in the spirit of all things spooky with a trip to one of these almost-definitely haunted locations! If you dare of course…

Pluckley, Kent 

Holding the title of Britain’s most haunted village, this small and picturesque place in the South of England is reportedly home to at least 12 ghosts, including that of a ‘screaming man’ who fell to his death in the local brickworks. Other spooky apparitions include the ghost of a woman who accidentally set herself on fire, and a mischievous poltergeist who lives at the school. The village is popular at Halloween, with visitors from all over the country hoping to catch a glimpse of these spine-chilling residents.  

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon 

The picturesque ruins of Berry Pomeroy castle hide a violent and tumultuous past. Numerous ghostly sightings include that of Margaret Pomeroy who suffered a torturous death in the dungeons there. Visitors claim to experience a feeling of dread in certain areas of the castle, whilst seeing strange lights and hearing screams are common occurrences. It’s reportedly one of the most haunted castles in the UK, with several ghostly residents.

Spooky Haunted Castle

Tower of London, London 

With a violent and gruesome history spanning almost 1,000 years, the Tower of London has a notorious reputation for spooky happenings. Countless tortures and executions have taken place here, with a star-studded list of victims that includes Anne Boleyn and Sir Walter Raleigh, both of whom have been seen roaming the tower. Some say you can still hear the screams of Guy Fawkes being tortured too...

haunted places in UK

Pendle Hill, Lancashire 

A plateau summit near the Bowland Fells in Lancashire, Pendle Hill has long had associations with the paranormal. It has close spiritual ties to the Quaker movement, as it was here that the founder, George Fox, received his vision that led to it’s foundation. Perhaps more infamous is the area's ties to the Lancashire witch trials of the 1600s. Eleven local people were hanged for the murders of 10 victims, with some of the accused admitting to selling their soul to the devil. 

Edinburgh Vaults, Scotland 

The Edinburgh Vaults are a spiderweb of tunnels that lie beneath the city. They were originally used as storehouses for local businesses, but soon became a slum housing the poorest in society. There are no written records about those who lived here, but it would have been a place riddled with death and disease. Apparently, it’s here that notorious serial killers Burke & Hare hid their victims' bodies before selling them for medical experiments. The vaults have been the subject of several paranormal investigations, with strange voices recorded on tape with no explainable source. Today the vaults are closed to the public and access is restricted.

If travelling to one of these terrifying locations isn't for you, why not bring the spooky scenery to your own home with our collection of Halloween decorations? With animated characters, creepy costumes and cosmetics, tableware, partyware, and more, you can turn your house into a haunting hideout for the season of scares!

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