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How to Look After Garden Decking

Decking is a fantastic way to transform your garden and add privacy and functionality. However, if not maintained, it can become impacted by the elements making it look worn and run down. Looking after your decking is a great way to keep your garden in tip-top condition. With our handy care guide, you can keep your deck looking fabulous with just a little care and maintenance.

How to Clean Decking


Before any painting or restoration can take place, the first step you need to take is to clean your decking and remove any debris. Remove all the furniture, potted plants and garden ornaments from your decking. Then with a stiff brush, sweep away leaves, dirt and rubbish.

If you are looking for a chemical-free approach, then a pressure washer, brush and plenty of scrubbing are great ways to remove built-up dirt and debris. However, if your decking has developed mould, this will need to be treated before to prevent the issue from worsening.

To thoroughly clean your decking, you can use a chemical formula which will quickly work on stubborn dirt and stains, help remove mould and prepare the surface before treatment. Chemical formulas can be hazardous to plant life, so be sure your grass, borders and flower beds are covered and protected.



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Restore Weathered Decking


Decking can become weathered, causing discolouration, splitting and even warping and rotting from water damage. Unfortunately, once rot sets in, the only action is to replace the affected beams to prevent decking from developing structural issues. Pinpoint areas needing fixing, sanding or replacing to make your decking look as good as new. Treat discolouration with a clear decking restorer to enhance the natural colour and grain of the wood. Alternatively, a reviver paint is a fantastic way of adding a new splash of colour.


Decking Oil or Stain?

Once your deck is clean and you have completed your repairs, the next step is to treat and protect, but what are your options? 

Decking oils are great for enhancing the natural appearance of the wood and penetrating deeply into the timber to protect it from within. However, decking oil cannot be painted over, meaning it will require a lot more work if you wish to change the finish of your decking in the future.

Decking stains are available in various colours, which is ideal if you want to change the shade. Unlike oils, stains protect the timber from the outside rather than penetrating the wood but still provide the same protection against weathering, discolouration or rot.


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How to Oil or Stain Decking?

Decking stains and oils are incredibly simple to use, as most can be applied with a paintbrush to allow you to get into the grooves of your decking and reach any hard-to-get spots. Stir the mixture thoroughly to ensure the colour is mixed, preventing any patchiness and uneven application. Then load a paintbrush with a liberal amount applying it to the deck along the grain. Painting three or four boards simultaneously will help prevent overlapping marks. Following the stain or oil instructions, wait for the allotted time for the deck to dry before repeating the process and applying a second coat.


Once you've applied a couple of coats and the decking oil or stain has dried, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy all your hard work. Your decking will look as good as new and bring new life to your garden. To help maintain your freshly treated decking and keep it looking its best, clear dirt and debris regularly.



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