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Tips for Weeding your Garden

Weeding is a constant in gardening – it’s a repetitive and exhausting process, and no matter what, you can’t make weeds disappear for good. To make weeding more manageable, we’ve gathered a list of top tips to make weeding a breeze.

Identify Your Weeds

Identifying the type of weeds you have will make removing them easier, as each weed is different, just like flowers. Do you have annual, perennial, or biannual weeds? Do you know how the weeds spread? Do you know when they bloom? Figuring all these out will help you tackle them confidently – spend some time getting to know your weeds and researching them before you start removing them.

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Have the Right Tools

After you’ve identified your weeds, picking up the right tools for the task will be easier. A hand cultivator is perfect for working soil and removing weeds by hand, whilst a weed burner is a good option if you have a lot of weeds to remove quickly. A hoe helps sever the tops of weeds, leaving the roots to die in the sun, whilst a weed puller might be better for those with back problems as it requires far less bending. Shop around to find the tools to make the task easier.

Use Mulch

Mulch kills weeds by starving weeds of light, keeping them below the surface, and it’s one of the most effective methods of weeding. Mulch is ideal for getting rid of perennial weeds and is easy to do. Lay a weed barrier around the area, leaving no gaps for weeds to sprout through, and on top of this, you can lay your organic, rotted mulch such as manure, garden compost, wood chippings, and more. Not only does mulch keep weeds away, but it also helps to keep your soil moist and healthy.

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Plant Effectively

One way to keep weeds away is to ensure there’s no room in your garden for them to grow. Whilst you need to make sure your plants are spread out enough, they have room to grow and soak up the light; you can keep weeds away by guaranteeing there’s no space for them by planting close. If you have gaps, you might consider planting annuals here.

Use Gardening Accessories

If you’re setting out to weed a large area by hand, you will need accessories to make the job more comfortable. We recommend a pair of gardening gloves, as some weeds have thorns or may have stinging properties, and a kneepad for easy kneeling without putting too much pressure on the hard ground. When you’re comfortable, weed a larger area and keep on top of it will be easier.

Don’t Leave It

Weeding is probably one of a gardener’s least favourite tasks, so putting it off can be easy, but that leads to more significant problems later on.

Pull a weed as soon as you spot one growing, removing all the roots to prevent it from growing back. This way, you won’t have to do a big weeding project and eliminate problem plants when they’re still young and haven’t had much of a chance to spread.

Using Weed Killer

If you’re struggling with your weeds, you can try using weed killer on the affected area. Prevention is the best course of action, but you can use weed killer if you’ve exhausted your options and nothing seems to work. Just remember to follow the instructions on the bottle and be mindful of the surrounding area – some herbicides can kill healthy plants and flowers and can be toxic to animals. You should never use weed killer near plants, fruits, or vegetables that you’ll be eating, so ensure your garden is suitable for herbicides before spraying.

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