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Blue Stars Nursery Wallpaper

Transforming Your Nursery into a Child’s Bedroom

If your little one has reached the stage where they're starting to out-grow their beautiful nursery, then our handy guide covers all the essentials when it comes to upgrading to a not-so-little bedroom. Covering everything from cosy and comfortable bed frames to decorative accessories, storage solutions to wonderful wallpaper, here at The Range we've got everything your youngster's new bedroom needs to become their favourite safe haven.


Childs Nursery Furnishings

Perfect Night's Sleep

Once your little one begins to outgrow their cot, then the time has come to upgrade their nursery into a bedroom with help from a cosy and comfortable child's bed. Although there are many different designs and styles to choose from, such as bunk beds and even multi-functioning midsleeper beds, it's best to start your youngster off with a smaller and less dawnting starter or toddler bed. With an array of colourful character-themed designs to choose from, your youngster is sure to drift off to sleep in style.

As they grow, the time will once again come to upgrade to something bigger. Frame designs such as midsleepers are great for helping to maximise space and even for those sharing their bedroom with a sibling.


Storage Solutions

No matter whether you're looking for a practical way to help store toys, clothes, or just everyday essentials, kitting out your youngsters bedroom with ample storage accessories is a great way to help maximise space and area for play. Storage chests are great for filling with all their desirables.

When it comes to storage, it's also important to consider upgrading from Changer Drawers to a more practical wardrobe or chest of drawers. As your little one grows, so will their collection of clothes and essentials, so it's always best to be prepared!

transforming your nursery

Lovable Lighting

Nighttime can often be a daunting time for your little one, so it's important you create a safe and calming environment for them to enjoy. By accentuating their new bedroom with soothing lighting options such as nightlights and ovelty lamps, parents too can be rest assured as their little one dozes off.

If you're planning on adding a little more twinkling charm to their bedroom then why not opt for string lights which are excellent for decorating shelves or stringing up along the walls.


Planning For Their Future

As your youngster grows and develops new interests it's important to make sure their bedroom is kitted out to cater to their needs. As they start school they may need a place to call their study area or workspace. Desks are perfect for storing pens, paperwork, and other must-have study essentials with ease.


Looking to create a snug and cosy reading nook? Why not fill a bookcase with all their favourite reads, and pair it with a comfortable chair to help them get stuck into their next adventure in style?

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