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Essential Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is more than just the place you go to sleep. It’s often also your dressing room, your five minutes peace and your sanctuary. So, it’s important you have all the essential furniture items to accommodate for this. Here are our suggestions of some of the fundamental pieces of furniture for your bedroom.


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The Bed

The most important feature in your bedroom is the bed. This is where you retreat to after a long day and where you’ll spend approximately a third of your life, so it’s important to choose the right one! You may want to choose your bed based on style or practicality. An ottoman bed is great for the extra storage, which makes it a good mix of both, while a metal bed frame is more decorative, and an oak more natural.



The next item you’ll need is something to store your clothes. Do you like to hang everything up to avoid creases? Then a wardrobe is probably your best option. Many people have a chest of drawers for their more delicate items, which doubles up as another surface for your bedroom accessories. You may opt for one of each, or you could try a combi wardrobe which has the best of both worlds.

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Bedside tables

A bedside table really brings the room together and can make it look more sophisticated. Ideal for storing your night-time reading material, any sleep essentials and a bedside lamp, a bedside table is both practical and stylish. Adding a bedside lamp also gives the room additional light and ambience, so it may be worth adding one to your bedroom shopping list!


Optional extras

If you have some extra room to fill, you may want to get some additional furniture to make the room feel complete. For example, if you like somewhere to sit and do your personal grooming or apply your makeup, then it may be worth adding a dressing table. This can also provide an air of luxury to your bedroom. Some people like to feature an accent chair in their bedroom to tie the room together. It may be somewhere to sit and read, or it may be where all of your clothes end up – so consider this one carefully!


We hope this has given you some ideas on what furniture you'll need for your bedroom. It's a great idea to have everything coordinated, so browse our bedroom furniture collections to find the right style for you.

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