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Your Guide to Buying a Bed

Who doesn’t love falling into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day? You can’t beat a good night’s sleep, and a quality bed is a great investment that will last you years of use. Choosing the right bed for you comes down to practicality and style, as well as your budget. Some bulkier beds will have extra storage space, while others are perfect for homes short on space. From divans and bedsteads to small singles and luxurious king size beds, here’s our guide to choosing the bed of your dreams.

Type of Bed


These are the traditional beds that many of us are used to, with side rails, a headboard and a footboard. They come in a variety of styles and materials, with metal, wood and upholstered options available. Bedsteads use slats to support the mattress, and these can be static (firm support) or sprung (more cushioned support). Having the headboard already attached saves you from having to buy this separately, making these a popular option. Storage space underneath the bed is exposed and can be limited, and bedsteads can be more expensive than other types of bed.

Divan Beds

Divan beds are essentially the base of a bed, and don’t include the headboard or footboard. They are great value and customisable, making them a popular option. Your mattress will lie on either a platform or pocket sprung top, with the pocket spring providing a more cushioned base.

Divans often have plenty of concealed storage and take up less floor space, making them a great practical choice too. Many divans come in two pieces, which makes moving them fairly easy.

Day Beds

Day beds are versatile options that are great for kids rooms, spare rooms or in homes where you’re short on space. The bed often extends out and can be made into a double, although on their own there is usually only room for one person. The mattress lies on either link springs or slats, with sometimes an extra pull out bed stored underneath. As a cross between a sofa and a bed, daybeds are a practical addition to any home.

Storage Beds

Storage beds combine practicality and design, offering the entire space beneath the mattress as storage space. They look more like bedsteads, and offer a little more style than plain divans. Many storage beds operate a hydraulic system that allows the entire mattress to lift up, while others feature wheeled drawers that can be pulled out.

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What’s Your Bed Made From?

Wooden Beds

Wooden beds provide a warm feel to a room, and feature a beautiful, natural graining that will be unique to each bed. There’s a variety of woods you can choose from, including traditional oak and pine to opulent mahogany and walnut. Composites and veneers are great alternatives, providing the look and feel of a wooden frame, but at a fraction of the cost.

Leather & Faux Leather Beds

Leather and faux leather bed frames both look and feel luxurious. They can dominate a room, making your bed a lovely focal point. They are easy to clean and are durable, lasting years of use. Unlike real leather, faux leather doesn’t fade or crack over time. However, it’s this element of aging that makes real leather so desirable. Real leather will be more expensive than faux, but well made faux leather certainly looks like the real thing!

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Metal Beds

Metal beds are very versatile, and can be found in sleek and modern to antique and traditional designs. Lightweight and low maintenance, they are usually easy to assemble and won’t warp over time, unlike wooden beds (although they can develop an annoying squeak!) They also take up less space than other beds, and offer a great value bed frame that will last you years.

Upholstered Beds

The options for upholstered beds are virtually endless, with textures and colours to suit almost all decor schemes. Upholstered beds look beautiful and opulent, and a soft headboard is a luxurious bonus for those who like to sit up and read in bed. While upholstered beds are a sought after option, they stain and scratch easily, which you’ll need to consider if you have young children or pets.

Size of Bed

The size of your bed will of course be determined by how many will be sleeping in it. Whilst a double bed sounds like it will fit two people, two adults sharing a double have as much room as a baby in a cot!

General Bed Sizes

Single → 90cm x 190cm (3ft x 6ft 3")

Double → 135cm x 190cm (4ft 6" x 6ft 3")

King Size → 150cm x 200cm (5ft x 6ft 6")

Super King Size → 180cm x 200cm (6ft x 6ft 8")


The Range offers an extensive collection of desirable bed frames and mattresses in a varienty of sizes and styles, helping you find the perfect place to rest your head.

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