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Decorating Babies Room Toys

Decorating your Baby's Bedroom

We all know the excitement you feel when you get to re-decorate your spare room or home office into a little bedroom for your new arrival. It’s a great time to get creative and have some fun before parenthood takes over!

Safety will be one of your first considerations, particularly when buying a cot for your baby. Make sure that it is certified to BS EN 716, the standard for all cots sold in the UK. This ensures that the cot is deep enough, the bars are a safe distance apart and that there are no dangerous additions that could harm your baby. When purchasing other furniture, it’s worth remembering that for at least the first 6 months, and most likely up to 1 year, your baby won’t be able to move very far on their own. Unlike toddlers who can (and will!) crash and career into almost anything, newborns don’t have this freedom. Focus on making the room peaceful and comfortable, rather than worry too much about low furniture… yet.  

Charming Baby Bedroom Decor

When it comes to decorating the room, ideally choose soothing colours such as delicate pastels and soft yellows, greens and blues. Save yourself the hassle of re-decorating during toddler years by using neutral colours that can be the backdrop to different themes, with anything from farm life and wild animals to the fairy tales and space. We think it’s a great idea to use wall stickers, as these are temporary and can be removed or changed out as your child grows up. This saves you valuable time and money! There are endless options to choose from too, so you can get really creative here.  

decorating your baby room

Use soft rugs, cushions, plush toys and blankets in a corner of the room to create a warm and cosy sanctuary for your little one. It gives you a place to play and bond before bedtime, and will help you de-stress too! It’s also a nice idea to buy a special ornament or soft toy that your child can keep throughout the years as they grow up. It can be something to simply keep on the bedside table, but will be a little keepsake they can treasure into adulthood and beyond. 

A night light is the perfect finishing touch to your child's first bedroom. Coming in novelty designs or discreet plug-ins, a night light will add a soothing glow to your little one's bedroom that's perfect for late-night feeding and cuddles.


For more inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your baby's room in a wonderful and personal way, browse our nursery items, home décor collection, and decorating accessories.

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