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Thread Counts Explained

Looking to sink into some quality new bedding but not sure what the difference is between “180tc” and “600tc” sheets? Don’t worry, our simple guide will help you wrap your head around what thread counts are and how they affect the feel of the fabric so you can pick out the perfect duvet set, sheets, or pillowcases for you and your bed.


What is a thread count?

The thread count of a fabric refers to the number of threads woven per square inch. This figure is used to determine the quality of a fabric item, with luxury textiles tending to have a much higher thread count than others. Starting at around 60, thread counts can reach figures as high as 800 and over.


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How are thread counts measured?

The thread count value is determined by adding together how many horizontal and vertical threads are woven together in one square inch. For example, if there are 100 vertical (warp) threads and 100 horizontal (weft) threads, that fabric would have a thread count of 200 (200tc).


What are the benefits of a high thread count?

The idea is that the finer the threads, the more you can fit into one square inch and, therefore, the softer the fabric. Bed sheets with a thread count of 600 have many more strands than a set which only has a thread count of 180, making them smoother and gentler to the touch and, subsequently, more desirable.


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400 Thread Count - Our 400tc 100% cotton collection, Luxe Cotton, is smooth and soft to touch, adding a luxury feel to your bedroom. The excellent quality will give your the indulgent finish you're looking for at an affordable price.

600 Thread Count - Pure Indulgence is our 600tc 100% cotton collection, offering ultimate bedroom indulgence. This super soft selection is the perfect treat when you want to really spoil yourself, giving your bed a five-star hotel feel night after night.

Pair these sheets with any of our 180tc, 200tc, 290, or 400tc duvet sets for irresitable comfort.


What else affects the feel of bed sheets?

Whilst thread counts are usually a good indicator of the quality of bedding, shirts, towels, and more, it's also important to consider the fabric of the threads - sheets woven from 100% cotton are going to be softer than sheets woven from polyester, regardless of whether they have the same thread count. However, sheets that are fashioned form a polycotton blend or have a lower thread count tend to be more durable and easier to care for than their more deluxe alternatives.


How does ply affect the thread count?

The ply of a woven textile refers to the number of yarns that make up each thread. While single-ply fabric only has one piece of yarn per thread, double-ply fabric has two lengths of yarn that make up one thread. This means that, while a single-ply bed sheet may have a tc of 200, this would inflate to 400 in double-ply bed sheet. Generally, the lower the ply, the softer the sheet is as the threads themselves are finer.


Experience the comfort of high-quality bedding with a high thread count by shopping the luxury lines in our bedding collection.

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