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How to Accessorise Your Bedroom

Your bedroom was probably the first room you ever helped decorate and while your style might not be princesses and superheroes anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a theme. Create the ultimate bedroom sanctuary by adding textiles and décor to your space. The first thing you need is the hardware – a statement bed, a chair if possible, creative storage at the foot of the bed and some sort of bedside tables. Whatever your master plan, these design ideas will add style to your master bedroom.

Accent colours

Even if you want a subdued colour scheme in your bedroom, add a splash of colour and you’ve got instant style. Choose warm or cool shades for the base parts of your room, such as the walls and furniture, then choose a complementing or contrasting colour and work it as a theme. Metallic tones like copper and brass make stunning accents to an array of themes and are frequently used to embellish bedding, textiles, lighting, and décor. For a really minimalist splash of colour, buy a reversible duvet cover, add turn down the top slightly when you make the bed.

Layers & textures

Add layers to your bed with throws, blankets and bed runner. You might not want them in the summer months, but a bed spread provides an instant update for autumn and adds glamour and cosiness come winter. Another aspect to your layers is textures. Try plush, velvet and wool in bold geometrics or simple herringbone for traditional depth and style.

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As with throws and blankets, cushions offer texture and comfort. Plump for cushions in metallic, plush and velvet finishes to emphasise simple cotton duvet covers. The biggest questions on cushions isn’t what colour or fabric, but how many? No one really wants to spend ten minutes trying to locate the actual pillows, so go somewhere between two and six cushions, depending on the size of your bed. For more guidance, read our inspirational scatter cushion styling tips.

Wall lights

Attaching wall lights frees up bedside table space and reduces clutter. Offset them from the bed slightly – you don’t want to bang your head sitting up. If you don’t want wall lights, pick a decorative table lamp to place either side of the bed as there's nothing worse than having to get out of bed to turn off/on the main lights.

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Mirrors & Art

Mirrors are functional in a bedroom of course, but they can also be decoratively stylish with ornate borders or modern all-glass designs. Add to the minimalist décor and soft furnishings of your bedroom with a piece of eye-catching wall art. If your bedroom theme is bright and bold from start to finish, then go statement all the way. Choose art that inspires you, that you want to wake up to every day.


And finally, the floor. No one wants to step out of bed onto a cold, hard floor and even if you do have carpets, laying a rug adds style, texture and layers all in one! Have a runner or small faux fur mat on each side of the bed, and a unifying circular rug perhaps on the floor at the end of the bed.

And, as all sleep experts says, bedrooms should be tech free, so avoid putting a television in the room. But it doesn’t have to be entertainment free, so have a radio. For more tips and ideas for styling your bedroom, check out our guide on transforming it into a total sanctuary.

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