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Getting Ready for Guests

Preparing for guests is an exciting, but often stressful time. Whether it is a family member or friend, your home is a space you want to feel proud of while keeping your guests comfortable and happy. Here are a few helpful tips on how to create a relaxing environment for you and your guests.


It’s always best to start by decluttering any storage furniture you have in the room, leaving at least two drawers and some wardrobe space for your guests to store their clothes.

Allowing guests to unpack and put their clothes away will help them to settle in and feel at home, even if they’re staying just a few days. It’s a thoughtful touch they’ll be sure to appreciate, and it gives you a good excuse to clear out anything you don’t need.

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Dress the Bed

Next is the bed. This is the centrepiece of a bedroom, so make yours a sumptuous and inviting one with soft, plump pillows, beautiful cushions and a bedspread or throw if it’s cold. Even if the rest of the room is sparse, a luxurious looking bed will transform the room and provide welcome relief for travel-weary visitors. You could even give it the hotel touch by placing a couple of wrapped chocolates on the pillows.

Light it Up

Placing tables and lamps on both sides of the bed not only helps the room look symmetrical and inviting, but are practical considerations too. Perfect for a spot of bedtime reading, the lamps also provide an attractive ambient glow, whilst the tables give a little extra storage space for books and any knick-knacks your guests like to keep near to them at night.

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Now that your bedroom is prepared for your guest’s arrival, the next room you need to get ready is the bathroom. The first essential amenity to supply for your guests, leave a few towels on the rail or folded at the edge of their bed to use after a bath or shower. The next thing to remember, make sure your bathroom is stocked up with soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner so your guest’s start their day feeling clean and fresh. Now that you’ve supplied the essentials, leaving a few sprays, perfumes or candles around will have them feeling right at home. Once all of this is completed, you’ll have trouble getting them to leave!

Alternative Sleeping Arrangements

If you don’t have a spare bedroom or are expecting more guests then your house is designed for, here are a few ideas on how to provide a comfortable place for your guests to sleep.  A simple way to house an extra guest, transform your living room into a bedroom with a sofa bed or inflatable mattress. A good investment for any home, they're comfortable to sleep on and can be easily folded away during the day. Great for someone who is only staying a few nights, keep some extra blankets and pillows in a cupboard to transform your sofa into a comfortable bed.



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