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Kitchen Utensils on Wood Board

Kitchen Utensils You Can't Believe You Live Without

Whether we’re cooking for ourselves or a hungry family of four, we rely on kitchen utensils and equipment to make our lives easier. Cooking would be much different without a colander, slotted spoons and can openers to name a few! Here are some lesser known items that will revolutionise your cooking, and leave you wondering how you ever managed to cook without them.

Roto Cutter

With stainless steel blades, a roto cutter will quickly and safely chop your vegetables, from onions and carrots to courgettes and peppers. This is much more time efficient than using knives and a chopping board, as it preps your veggies for you in one easy motion.

Not to mention there is less to wash up afterwards - just the one set of blades! We love using this when prepping meat and vegetables, as we can use one chopping board for the meat and simply chop the veggies in the Roto Cutter, without worrying about contamination or using another chopping board. Did we mention it’s less than £10 too?

Non Stick Splatter Screen

Spitting frying pans and simmering saucepans can make a mess of splashbacks and worktops, creating extra work when washing and cleaning up afterwards. This splatter screen sits over your pan, preventing your sauce from causing a mess and keeping your kitchen tiles lovely and clean. It’s made from an epoxy coated mesh and features a handle for easy removal off your pan. We don’t know why these aren’t used in every home!

Jar & Bottle Opener

Can openers and bottle openers are kitchen staples, and it’s difficult to find a kitchen without at least one of these laying around. Yet how many times have we tried to open a tightly sealed jar, whether with a trusty tea towel or gently hitting the lid on the worktop without trying to break the glass! This genius jar opener allows you to easily open jars of different sizes and also doubles up as a bottle opener - you’ll be amazed how you ever managed without one.

kitchen utensils you need

Long Handled Colander

Once you’ve used this, you’ll never go back to handle-less colanders. They both work exactly the same, except this one allows you to stand back from the sink and avoid your face getting steamed every time you drain your pans. It works for pasta, vegetables, rice or anything that needs straining, and is a simple but incredibly practical addition to a staple kitchen item.

Silicon Mug Toppers

Practical and pretty, these lovely Apollo Sports Mugtopper are versatile and can be used all year round. They stop your hot drinks from getting cold and are perfect for preventing insects getting into your glass during the summer! Each one features a different design, so you’ll always know which one is yours. We always end up using these when doing jobs around the house or entertaining guests.

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