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Why Buy A Real Christmas Tree?

If you’re yet to purchase the perfect Christmas tree for this year’s festivities, or you’re debating which sort is best to fully support your seasonal celebrations, here are some thought-provoking benefits of picking a real fir tree as opposed to an artificial one. From the authentic sensory experience to environmental welfare, there are many reasons to pick a real Xmas tree this season.

Keeping tradition alive

The use of evergreens to celebrate the winter solstice goes back to ancient Egyptian and Roman times, with the Germans first introducing the use of decorated trees indoors at Christmastime throughout the 16th century, and was made popular in Britain by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1864. Establishing such a rich history across different cultures and times, picking the perfect tree is now a timeless family experience. Heading to the garden centre or tree farm in the bitter cold with your wellies on and a vision of the most magical tree is something every adult and child should experience and it's an occasion that only swings around once a year. Growing in all different shapes and sizes, from tall and thin to small and bushy, real Christmas trees offer more variety and you can search among them to find the perfect fir focal point for your family's Xmas stylings.



Whilst the design and overall appearance of artificial Christmas trees has come a long way, nothing quite beats the authentic look, feel, and smell of a real one. With the enveloping fresh pine scent and woody texture, it’s a special sensory experience that can’t be replicated. That’s why, for some, a real tree is the only choice. There may be more pines to vacuum up at the end of the season, but that's a small inconvenience that will be greatly outweighed by the character and charm that the natural conifer brings.

Picking a Real Xmas Tree

Environmental Impact

Did you know, on average, one 6.5ft (2m) artificial Christmas tree has a carbon footprint worth roughly 40kg of carbon emissions? That’s twice the footprint of a real tree that ends its life in a landfill and ten times the footprint of a real tree that is burnt, chipped, or planted - meaning that you would need to re-use your artificial tree for more than 10 years to keeps its environmental impact lower than that of a resonsibly disposed real tree.

Most of us will likely look to upgrade or refresh our Xmas trees before those 10 years are up - whether it's due to the dust build-up on your old one or you're just yearning to keep up with the latest Yuletide trends. Some may be sceptical, but this makes a natural tree much more sustainable than an artificial one.

Decorated Real Fir Tree

Seasonal Style

If you prefer the more conventional and classic red, green, and gold colour palette for your Noel knick-knacks, then a natural fir is a fabulous choice.

While the manufactured green tips of artifical trees can come close, nothing can beat the earthy realism of lush green pine needles when searching for a structure to adorn with shimmering baubles, trinkets, and tinsel. Bringing a rustic and rural touch to even the most modern of homes, naturally grown evergreens bestow a beautiful base to build-up with your own ornaments, helping to reflect your personal style and enrich your festive theme.


The way you dispose of your live Xmas tree greatly impacts its carbon footprint. Many local authorities or non-profit organisations offer disposal services with either drop-off points or collection options available and are usually either free or cost only a small amount. The trees are often then shredded into chippings or mulch that can be used in local parks or development projects. They can be used for kindling for winter evening bonfires - but be careful of using dried-out trees as kindling though as they are quick to catch fire.

Alternatively, if you've purchased a real tree that still has roots, why not re-plant it in either a pot or the ground so it can continue to grow and you can use it again next year!


Our fantastic real fir trees are available in selected stores around the Christmas season. Find your nearest store here.

However, whilst a real Christmas tree may be a fantastic choice for some, it's important to note that they aren't always suitable for some indoor areas or those who suffer from allergies. Artificial trees are also often flame retardant, making them a somewhat safer option, and are less likely to cause allergic reactions. If you think an artificial tree may be a better option for you and your home, read our article on choosing the right one.

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