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Energy Saving Tips for Christmas

Christmas is filled with twinkling lights, steaming plates of hot turkey lashed with gravy, and those iconic Christmas movies. But consequently, these things all contribute to your energy bill. We’ve come up with some ways to help reduce your energy usage over the festive season, which will benefit the environment and your wallet.


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We all love those festive lights everywhere you turn; they are a true indicator that Christmas has arrived! On the other hand, all those lights consume a lot of energy. Using battery-powered lighting can help reduce your energy consumption and your bill.

Although winter is notorious for its dark mornings and evenings, there are still plenty of sunshiny afternoons where you can charge up solar lighting. This is an even more environmentally friendly alternative to battery lights.

Christmas Trees

Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of the festive season, Christmas trees can also strain your energy usage. Using a battery-operated pre-lit tree will reduce your energy consumption and still let you enjoy that warm glow in your living room every evening. Nobody would know the difference, and you can save some pennies on your energy bill!


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Timer Plugs

Plugs with timers are fantastic for the festive season, particularly if you’re prone to falling asleep in front of the TV with a full belly after Christmas dinner. Ideal for plugging in your Christmas lights or your tree, these timers ensure that your electronics are only on for the time that you need them, helping to conserve energy.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking over Christmas will have the oven on for hours, along with the hob and whatever else you may need.

Using an air fryer or a slow cooker instead can really reduce your energy usage, but it’s only beneficial if you’re not using the oven alongside it anyway or if it’s reducing the period of time you’re using the oven.

 Air fryers are great for crisping up your potatoes, and slow cookers can produce really tender meat, so it’s worth exploring alternative ways to cook over the holiday season. You can read more about our energy-saving appliances here.


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