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Organising an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts have been around for a few hundred years, with generations of children and adults enjoying the thrill of searching for brightly coloured eggs around the home and garden. It’s a great party idea for the easter holidays, and keeps the little ones entertained for hours! Here are some ideas to help you organise a magical easter egg hunt your kids will remember.

Prep Beforehand

Decide whether you want to use plastic, real or chocolate eggs. Plastic eggs can be filled with toys and sweets, whilst real eggs (hard boiled, of course) can easily be painted and decorated. Looking for something a little more fool-proof than real eggs? Why not opt for crafting alternative such as Assorted Polystyrene Eggs or Crayola Craft Poly Eggs.

Provide about 5-10 eggs per child, depending on the size of the party and how many will be searching. Make sure you have enough baskets - you can always split children into teams of 2 or 3, and this works really well if you have a mix of ages. Out of baskets? Why not make use of gift bags such as the Easter Egg Gift Bag or the Large Die-Cut Easter Chick Gift Bag instead!

Hiding the Eggs

This is one of the most fun parts of the easter egg hunt - for us at least! Make a note of where you hide each egg, so none of them go unfound. We think adding bunny rabbit tracks brings a sense of magic and wonder to the search, firing up imaginations of all ages. If you have older children, write some riddles and clues for them to decipher, or create a treasure map for younger children. You might also want to include one ‘golden’ or lucky egg to be found, this could contain money or extra treats.

What's more: Why not decorate the 'hunting' area with stunning accessories such as the Easter Egg Hunt Plaque, this Pack of 2 Easter Craft Nests, or this Pack of 12 Decorated Glitter Eggs and Grass. After something that has it all? Be sure to check out sets such as the Easter Egg Hunt Paper Kit or the Easter Bunny Trail Set.

Extra Ideas

To get into the Easter spirit, give the participants some bunny ears, just like our Light-Up Bunny Ears to wear.

Have fun making signposts to place around the garden, giving clues as to where eggs are hidden. Already got your signs? Why not decorate with some beautiful bunting such as the Bunting Vintage Floral!

Looking to create your own handmade cards? Desirable such as the Me To You Easter Greeting Card Kit, the Grafix Easter Sticker Bucket, and even this Pack of 6 Easter Confetti Sachets is guaranteed to inspire creativity. Happy Egg Hunting!

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