Creative Children's Party Ideas and Games

With boundless energy and an excitement that never seems to end, children’s parties can soon descend into chaos! With a little preparation before the big day, you can easily keep kids busy with these fun and crafty party ideas. 


Pass The Parcel

A classic party game, pass the parcel is a brilliant way to get everyone sitting down. Colourful wrapping paper brightens up even the rainiest days, so get creative when wrapping the parcel. Add to the excitement by hiding extra treats such as stickers or sweets in some layers. Choose some cool tunes (everyone’s a critic nowadays!) and let the fun begin.

Treasure Hunt

This is a fun and exciting game that will keep kids entertained for as long as you want! Great for pirate themed parties, you can hide treats around the house and garden, keeping them occupied with simple clues. Treats could be chocolate coins or mini toys, and your imagination is the only limit to creating a magical treasure hunt even big kids will love. Spice things up a bit by providing different clues and treats for two different teams, and see who can find everything first! 


Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Kids love this game when they can get involved early on. Get them to draw a range of animals with tails, such as horses, cows and pigs. Split everyone into two teams, and draw two sets of different coloured tails for each team. Then work your way through the animals, seeing who can pin the tail on the donkey, cow and pig! 


Activity Stations

This is great for parties where there are lots of little ones to keep entertained. Set up activity stations around the garden and house, almost like a mini fun fair. There’s no limit to your options here, although in winter if the weather means an all indoor party, some ideas might be better avoided! Some ideas include colouring stations with paper and crayons, making a comedy moustache, hoop tosses and ball throws or just a variety of craft kits if you haven’t got time to get all the supplies in. Another idea is to create a fun quiz where the kids don’t give written or vocal answers, but spell it out with letters and numbers from a pile in the middle of the table!

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