Fish R Fun Bow Front Aquarium Tank Kit
  • Spare filter pack
  • Integrated filter system
  • Decorating essentials
  • Perfect home for your fish

Give your fish the perfect home to swim around with the brilliant Bow Front Aquarium Tank Kit from Fish R Fun. This practical kit includes all the essential items needed to correctly set up an aquarium. This complete kit includes a bow fronted tank with plenty of room for your scaly friend to swim around in. It also comes with a built in filter to keep the water healthy and liveable. To complete your fishes new home you are provided with two bags of gravel, two artificial plants and two ornaments ready to personalise this fantastic tank. The tank boasts a bright fluorescent light tube that can be easily turned on and off, providing essential light for your fish, creating a centre piece in your home. It comes with a spare filter media pack to ensure you fish stays healthy and happy.

  • Capacity: 19l

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