Algarde Air Diffuser Tube
by Algarde
  • Keep your tank clean and clear
  • Make sure that your fishy friend is healthy and happy
  • Includes: 61cm of tube, 3 suction cups, 3 clip rings. 1 end plug, 1 elbow connector

Keep your fishes tank clean and fresh with the brilliant Air Diffuser Tube Set from Algarde. It will make a practical addition to your fish tank or aquarium, pushing air around the tank, ensuring the water is clean and liveable. The set features tube, suction cups, clip rings and elbow connector, ensuring you can easily install this brilliant set in any tank. The diffuser works by pushing streams of air around the fish tank, creating currents that move water to the surface of the aquarium. This maximises the aeration potential of water, meaning your fish get more oxygen! The Algarde Diffuser Tube has many tiny holes, allowing for greater water movement so that your fish's home is as healthy and clean as possible

  • Length: 61cm

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