Brighten up any room in your home with table lamps and floor lamps from The Range. Our lights department covers all your illumination needs, with pendants, modern spotlights and wall lighting.

Lighting Top Sellers

LED Vase Lights

For a statement lighting piece to both catch the eye and illuminate darker areas of your home, browse the selection of must-have LED floor-standing vase lights, with multiple colours and designs available

These modern and glamorous vase lights are lit from the base right to the tips of the flowers branching from them, with energy-efficient, long-life LED bulbs.


The atmosphere of a room is created in part by the lighting you have available. In order to make the most of your lighting fixtures, be sure to use a high quality lightbulb, that will illuminate and highlight your already stylish room!

Choose from a range of bulb types such as screw and bayonet, with a selection of wattages available or our antique style bulbs for the latest trend. You will also find a variety of energy saving options, perfect for those who are environmentally conscious or for those who like to save money on their energy bills!

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