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Paradiso Ideas


Paradiso Colour Swatches

Style & Tone

Add a blast of colour to your home with this vibrant, fun theme. By mixing bold prints and exotic patterns, bright tones are brought to life in this confident style.

Boudoir Boutique

Boudoir Boutique Colour Swatches

Style & Tone

Combining soft shades and delicate tones in this theme will bring a sophisticated, elegant feel to your home. The pastals and mirror finishes will make any room feel luxurious.

Boudoir Boutique Ideas
Herb Garden Ideas

Herb Garden

Herb Garden Colour Swatches

Style & Tone

Bring the outdoors into your home this season with this iconic English country look. This theme promises to charm your home with earthy browns and greens, making your own comfortable retreat.

IKAT Notions

IKAT Notions Colour Swatches

Style & Tone

This theme teams greys, neutrals and ochre for a vintage look with a contemporary twist. By bringing bold geometric and boho prints this style brings a fresh look into the traditionally neutral feel.

IKAT Notions Ideas
Seashore Ideas


Seashore Colour Swatches

Style & Tone

Rich blue shades mixed with sharp whites and varying textures bring an edge of drama in this striking trend. Natural and painted woods bring the dark tones to life while neutral fabrics and accessories help soften the feel of any room.