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Washing Machine Dryers

Washing Machine Dryers

Don’t let piles of washing get you down! Choose from our extensive selection of washing machines to find the perfectly sized and powered machine that will make laundry day less of a chore. With easy to use functions and energy saving options, there is a quality machine for everyone!

A compact tumble dryer will allow you to dry your clothes straight away, no matter what the weather is doing outside this season. A dryer will leave your clothes fresh and soft, while an integrated vent hose will stop your home from steaming up with the heat.

Steam Cleaners

Don’t struggle to clean your hardwood floors with a mop and bucket! The steam mop revolution is firmly upon us, with a range of slick appliances that are not only easy to use, but will leave your floor so clean that it sparkles!

Many of our steam mops are multi-functional, able to clean windows, tiles and upholstery as well as floors. They are also powerful enough to eradicate harmful bacteria, leaving your home a cleaner, more hygienic place to be without the need for any harsh chemicals.

H20 x5 Steam Mop at The Range
H20 x5 Steam Mop at The Range

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, so you will be sure to find the perfect cleaner for your home within our wide range. From upright vacuums to hand held cleaners, there are many different versions that will suit your needs. For example, a home with pets may require a hoover with stronger suction.

Many of our vacuum cleaners are bagless, making life a little easier when it comes to emptying the appliance. If stairs are your hoover nightmare, try an upright cordless vacuum with an angled base, perfect for getting into those hard to reach corners!