Dining Chairs

Here at The Range we offer a wide variety of dining chairs
to meet any home interior. From bright and vibrant urban
living designs to rustic wooden finishes we have a wide
selection of designs to meet all requirements.

Be sure to check out our selection of Dining Tables.

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Corona Pine Dining Chair Pair

Was: £79.99  Now: £70.00

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Coxmoor Oak Dining Chair Bench

Was: £79.99  Now: £63.99

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Durham Dining Chair Pair

Was: £150.00  Now: £149.99

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Childrens Ritzy Blue Armchair

Was: £29.99  Now: £23.99

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Canterbury Oak Dining Chair Pair

Was: £129.99  Now: £125.00

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Cortina Single Chair

Was: £179.99  Now: £79.99

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Freyr 5 Drawer Sideboard

Was: £399.99  Now: £299.99

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Freyr Pair of Dining Chairs

Was: £199.99  Now: £149.99

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New London Pair of Chairs Cream

Was: £99.99  Now: £90.00

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Denver Pair of Cream Dining Chairs

Was: £129.99  Now: £100.00

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Coxmoor Oak Dining Chair Pair

Was: £99.99  Now: £79.99

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