Pond Accessories & Fittings

Create the perfect pond for your Garden with a great
collection of Pond Accessories and Fitting from The Range;
everything from garden pumps to switch boxes.

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Garden Pond Accessories & Fittings

Force Hybrid 6000 Pond Pump

Was: £119.99  Now: £101.99

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Midipond Pump 5500

Was: £94.99  Now: £80.74

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Force Hybrid 8000

Was: £134.99  Now: £114.74

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Blagdon All In One 3000 Pond Pump

Was: £159.99  Now: £135.99

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Midipond 3500 Component

Was: £79.99  Now: £67.99

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Pond Health Test Kit

Was: £9.99  Now: £7.49

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Pond Net

Price: £7.99

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Blagdon Inpond 5W Uv Clarifier

Was: £49.99  Now: £34.99

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Affinity Ice Vent Heater

Was: £39.99  Now: £19.99

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Affinity Window Pad

Was: £4.99  Now: £1.99

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