Ourdoor Furniture Buyers Guide

Bring your outdoor area to life, with some of our great outdoor furniture products.

Bring your outdoor area to life, with some of our great Garden Furniture products. Whether you’re having a garden party with a group of friends or relaxing in the sun, we have the perfect advice and help to make your garden spectacular! We have a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from, so check out our product range in-store or online. Whether you have acres to play with or a patio to maximize we have the perfect solution for you. All of our outdoor furniture is suitable for outdoor usage, however it is advisable that you use the correct lacquer or finish to maintain a longer product lifecycle.

Metal Furniture

Modern and contemporary, metal furniture is great value for money whilst also being extremely practical and easy to maintain, however it should be noted that covering during varied weather conditions, and stored away when not in use will provide additional protection and prolong the appearance and product lifecycle. To clean, simply use a damp cloth to wipe down, ensure the surfaces are dried and the job's as easy as that. It is lightweight meaning that it is easy to move and store away, however it also means it can become a little fragile in the wind, so make sure you secure it well. We also sell a number of mesh products, if you are after ultimate comfort and a stylistic approach to outdoor furniture then this is the product type for you!

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture can turn a tired worn out garden into a sleek and stylish haven. The majority of our wooden furniture is sourced responsibly and made from or contains wood from forests certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It is recommended that all wooden products are treated at least once a year to help maintain weather resistance and protect against rotting. Different woods have different assets and properties, however we advise that if you purchase a hardwood product, you make sure you clean down thoroughly after the summer period and treat with a wood oil or preservative. Softwoods are a little more fragile and need tender love and care and should be treated on a regular basis. Where possible, either store your furniture indoors or cover it up so that it is not exposed to the wind and rain.


We sell a number of outdoor furniture accessories which you can use to make your outdoor experience an enjoyable one. We have a great selection of Barbecues along with an outstanding range of Patio Sets, some of which Parasols are also included (please note that they must be removed or covered up when not in use and during varying conditions. So come and check out what we have to offer today!