They say that when it comes to giving gifts it’s the
thought that counts. That’s why we’ve put so much thought
into our fantastic selection of wedding gifts and favours!

Whether you’re buying for the bride, the groom or for your guests, you’re sure to find just the thing to suit your wedding’s style. As well as gifts, you’ll be exchanging RSVPs, congratulations and ‘thank you’ notes, so why not take a look at our wedding stationery for beautiful cards, envelopes and more. Invitations are a great way to establish a theme for your wedding and you can make sure everything matches with our fantastic range of wedding decorations. You are sure to find something that will get you inspired and your guests talking!

Keep It Classic:

Many couples start building a home together before taking their vows, which means that traditional nest-feathering presents, like linen and kitchen equipment, aren’t necessarily appropriate gifts. If you would like to buy something for their already happy home, don’t panic: there are plenty of gifts in our collection that are timelessly chic, so you can rest assured that your gift will fit in perfectly with the newlywed’s home décor.

Why not wish them a bright future with some candlesticks and candles from our collection or give them a themed frame or photo clip so they can display their wedding snaps in a fun, stylish way?

Make It Personal:

It has long been customary for the happy couple to be given monogrammed handkerchiefs, sheets and tablecloths on their wedding day. Why not put a new twist on this old tradition? You can personalise almost anything with names, dates and even images of the new bride and groom!

So whether it’s a decorative plate with an inscription around the brim or a custom printed poster, there are hundreds of ways to get creative with whatever gift you’re giving. Have a look at our craft supplies for inspiration where you’ll find stickers, calligraphy sets and other great crafty tools for making it personal.

Gifts For Guests:

Wedding Favours

There is no nicer way to show your guests that you appreciate their support, than with small gift for them to treasure and remember your big day. Sweet edible treats in attractive packaging are sure to be a hit with everyone, while potted plants, recipe books and wine stoppers are all fashionable ways to say ‘thank you’.

Wedding favours can also serve a practical purpose at the wedding: use gift boxes with large labels to mark place settings at the reception dinner and beaded hearts as tabletop décor. Guests will love taking a piece of your big day home!

Safety Advice:

  • Remove all packaging labels and any candle wrappings before lighting.

  • Place candle in a safe, level position, away from flammable materials, heat and draughts.

  • Place candle on a suitable holder able to contain any molten wax spills.

  • Secure candle in an upright position before lighting.

  • Keep wick trimmed to 1cm.

  • Place candles at least 10cm apart and ensure there is ample room above the flame to burn safely.

  • Never allow the flame to come in contact with holder and ensure that any decorative candle rings are removed before lighting.

  • Never blow candles out. Always extinguish with a candle snuffer or the back of a metal spoon, taking care not to damage the wick.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended or try to move it when it’s lit.

  • Take care not to allow molten wax to come into contact with skin.

  • Always keep away from children and pets.