It can be the details that make your big day special -
take a look at our great range of wedding products to
help inspire you.

Whatever your theme or colour scheme, we have plenty of unique items to make your wedding wonderful! Maybe you’re looking for something quirky or fun? Or fancy something that’s timeless and classic? Or perhaps you haven’t decided on a theme yet. Well, you’re sure to find something amongst our fantastic wedding decorations that’ll get you inspired and your guests talking. Take a look at our décor ideas below to spark your imagination! And when you’re ready to go, why not take a look at our wedding stationery and a peek at some of our brilliant wedding gift ideas to make sure you have everything covered.

Making it yours:

If you want to stamp your personality on your reception venue and add a sparkle to your cake or make your table settings extra-special, then you’re in the right place. From candles and cake servers, we’ve got a number or brilliant accessories that will make your reception venue look completely unique.

Rose petals, ribbons and other fun touches are an easy and affordable way to create a stunning atmosphere for your family, guests and of course your new spouse, wherever you’re celebrating!


Flowers are used across the world to bring colour, natural beauty and fabulous fragrance to a wedding ceremony and they’re also great for bringing a dash of class to the wedding reception! Beautiful white bouquets with fresh green accents look lovely placed on crisp clean tablecloths and fake flowers make brilliant favours for guests to take away and treasure.

Floral garlands and rings wrapped around the base of lighting features can also give your décor a romantic, magical feel that’ll take your guests from dinner to the dance floor.

Tabletop décor:

Wedding Decorations

Make sure your table settings do justice to your sumptuous spread with number cards that are fun, functional, pretty and practical. To add interest and colour to your tabletop, you could add a romantic scattering of petals around the placemats, tumble glittering gems across the tablecloth or tie ribbons in pretty bows around glasses and vases. We’ve also got some great beaded decorations too, for a tasteful and tactile addition to any scheme!

Of course, there’s also got to be some confetti to throw and tiny trinket favours to show guests you appreciate their support on your big day. Check out our craft supplies section for fantastic stamps, stickers and sparkly add-ons to make your tabletop details truly personal.


Flickering candles are a fabulous way to light tables during your reception meal, as well as brilliant for illuminating the cake or any big décor focal points. Big alter candles can make a dramatic, classic statement when paired with pearlescent holders and cream-coloured décor or narrow candles in dainty, feminine holders will make fantastic centrepieces for the top table.


Safety advice:


  • Remove all packaging labels and any candle wrappings before lighting.

  • Place candle in a safe, level position, away from flammable materials, heat and draughts.

  • Place candle on a suitable holder able to contain any molten wax spills.

  • Secure candle in an upright position before lighting.

  • Keep wick trimmed to 1cm.

  • Place candles at least 10cm apart and ensure there is ample room above the flame to burn safely.

  • Never allow the flame to come in contact with holder and ensure that any decorative candle rings are removed before lighting.

  • Never blow candles out. Always extinguish with a candle snuffer or the back of a metal spoon, taking care not to damage the wick.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended or try to move it when it’s lit.

  • Take care not to allow molten wax to come into contact with skin.

  • Always keep away from children and pets.