Choosing the right type of living room furniture and dining room furniture can be daunting however we are here to help make your shopping experience easier. Ranging from glass, to solid wood furniture, we have the perfect piece for you. The most important thing to consider before buying a new piece of furniture, is whether or not it will fit in your home. For more information on this take a look at our ‘Measuring Up Buyers Guide’ for help and advice.


Determining which material will look right in your room is the trickiest part to buying furniture. Wooden items can be difficult to get right however always keep in mind that you do not need to stick to the same type of woods for them to look effective. The main thing to ensure is that the overall look is harmonious. Always remember that with natural woods the colours differ slightly from piece to piece, making every product unique. Lighter woods and soft woods, such as pine and ash always look better together as they hold similar properties. Darker woods, such as oak, walnut and mahogany can be pulled off more so in larger rooms as they are heavy and extremely striking. Another option to consider is investing in wooden veneers; these can be a great way to get a natural feel whilst also saving the expense of using natural woods. To create a modern interior, glass furniture and metal furniture pieces can give you the edge you’re looking for, with high gloss finishes and a clean minimalist feel.


Try not to overcrowd a room with too much furniture as it can make it appear a lot smaller. The trick is to go minimal in a smaller rooms, as this will maximise the space you have- it’s an optical illusion. Or alternatively use one statement piece, as this will stand out to the eye and make the room look inviting and attractive. Lighter materials are always a good choice for smaller areas as they bring the room to life.


Curtains When furnishing a room you always need to think about the purpose of the piece. Is it for practicality? Is it to look nice? Is it to fill a space? Traditionally most living areas require a coffee table and occasional tables to place various items such as hot drinks, books etc. The most important item a living area requires is storage, whether it’s a bookcase , display cabinet or a wardrobe, they are all needed to store items in some way or another. Another great tip to sneak in some extra storage space is to buy, dual purpose furniture. Items such as ottomans provide great storage and can be used as foot rests or even extra seating in a tight spot. Storage coffee tables can provide the practicality of a regular coffee table while also incorporating draws as a tidy storage solution.

Dining Furniture:

Your dining table is the heart of the home, where memories are made and stories are shared, so make sure you take some time when choosing the perfect one for you. If entertaining is your passion then make sure you invest in a table big enough for a crowd. Rectangular tables are ideal for when you have a lot of people over and they are also great for creating a feature. Circular tables are the perfect social tool as everyone can interact and see each other, however something to consider is that they are not ideal when space is limited as it can make the space appear a lot smaller. Square tables are cosy and intimate, perfect for a first time home. If you’re looking to expand your family, or are a regular dinner host, we have the perfect solution for you. Extending tables can be a great way to get the extra space as and when you need it. Another top tip- look out for dining tables and chairs combined, as this can be a great way to save a few pounds while also ensuring the dining chairs are a perfect match to the table.

Caring for your Furniture:

Wood - Protecting your furniture from hot items is extremely important as it can crack and buckle the wood. Try using coasters and place mats to prevent this from happening. Another factor that will you need to take into consideration is spillages, if water is left on the wood it will cause rotting and deterioration, so make sure you wipe it up immediately. Always use a pad or mat underneath when writing on top of a wooden surface as it can mark and indent the wood. Keep away from all heat sources such as radiators, sunlight and fires as this can weaken the joints and cause the material to shrink. And finally never drag furniture as this will knock out the joints and weaken the material, always lift. Glass- Easy to clean and maintain, glass is the perfect material. Either use a damp cloth and wipe over or simply use glass cleaner to get a good clear finish. To avoid streaking, put some elbow grease into it and buff with kitchen roll.