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Camping, is an essential part of the whole festival experience. This summer, millions of people will be enjoying the British Summer by heading to festivals up and down the country to enjoy mind blowing music, an amazing atmosphere and most of all partake in the camping experience. If this all sounds alien to you, then there are a few camping essentials that you need to know about- read on for expert advice from The Range.

The basic essentials for festival camping are your tent, your sleeping bag and other camping kit such as torches and lanterns and camping furniture. However there are many more items that you cannot go without, carry on reading for further help and ideas to make your camping trip one to remember.


  • camping torchWellies - they will keep your feet warm and dry!

  • Rain Mac - this will be your best friend throughout the festival period. Protecting you from gales, storms and torrential flooding; you will be happy you took it.

  • Sun cream - heat stroke is something you should try and avoid, so layer up the sun cream and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Warm clothing - there is nothing worse than feeling cold when you trying to enjoy good music, so make sure you pack your warm woollies!

  • Tent - obviously the most important item when camping at a festival, check out our get range of tents. We also stock a Festival camping kit to make your experience even easier.

  • Sleeping bag - this will be your saviour over the whole weekend, when you're feeling down and tired and ready to go home, slip into your sleeping bag and take a 5 minute nap, you will feel revived and refreshed!

Cooking and Food essentials:

Festivals are well known for their amazing burgers and greasy chips, however when you're on a budget, cooking for yourself can be a lot cheaper and more fun. Make sure you check out the rules and regulations for the festival you are attending. However in the mean time here are some cooking essentials:


  • Fuel Stove or if you're really lucky you may be able to take a BBQ, but don’t forget your matches or lighters.

  • Then you will need all your Cook Set Equipment - including Saucepans, Frying Pans, Plates, Cutlery, Cups etc.

  • Camping Furniture - you can’t eat your food comfortably without having anything to sit on, this is a needs must when you're on your feet all day, so invest in a good table and chairs.

  • Torches & Lanterns - when it gets dark, this is an essential you will be happy you packed, there is nothing worse than burning your hand on a cooking stove because you can’t see where it is!


Top tip - its best to take dried food as this is always a reliable food source on those rainy, wet and miserable camping days.

Check out The Range's great product selection for your festival weekend, we have everything you need to make it one to remember!