So many different tools to choose from, are you unsure
as to which tool is right for the job? Take a look at our
DIY power tools buyers’ guide to find the best
solution for your DIY activities.

Battery types:

Most power tools have been supplied with Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium) batteries in the past. This is a cost effective and reliable technology and as long as you remember to charge your item will suit most DIY enthusiasts. The new kid on the block is Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), this offers a faster charge time, more power at lower voltages and is extremely light weight. They tend to cost a little more but offer some great features if you are using the tool over a long period of time.

Cordless Drills:

cordless drill

Cordless Drills are practical, safe and convenient to use, simply charge them up and take them wherever you go. They have many advantages, including perfect for working up ladders, in the loft etc. No cord means you can do almost anything with them. They are a more powerful and stronger screw driver for when your arm starts to hurt and are reasonably light weight, making DIY less of a chore. Features can vary between cordless drills, the higher the voltage the more powerful the drill will be in one single charge (voltages range from 7.2v to 24v); however you must remember to charge it regularly for maximum power. Many models allow the speed to be changed according to the material you are working with this is measured in rotations per minute (rpm). Most drills come with a keyless chuck to allow easy changeover of drill or screwdriver bits.

Things to ensure before buying a cordless drill:

  • Make sure it is not too heavy to handle, otherwise it can become dangerous.

  • Make sure the drill fits comfortably in your hand and has sufficient grip.

  • Always check the battery life and make sure you know how long it takes to charge up, as some batteries can charge up in an hour which is great for when you want to get a job done quickly and efficiently.

  • All our drills come with a guarantee, just in case something goes wrong!

Electrical Screwdrivers:

Electrical Screwdrivers are perfect for those small, everyday DIY tasks. Again the higher the voltage the more powerful the screwdriver will be. The speed can vary according to what type of job you are doing to allow the screw to efficiently cut into different materials. For more durable materials, go for a slower speed as this means the tool will be more efficient, whereas for soft woods you should use a higher speed as it will go straight through without any hassle. Voltages begin at 2.4V for an entry level model. All electrical screwdrivers come with a reverse action, meaning the screws can be removed quickly and easily.

Things to ensure before buying an electrical screwdriver:

  • Make sure the handle fits perfectly in your hand and that there is enough grip. A soft grip or anti-slip handle is always better so that you have better control over the screw driver.

  • Always check the battery life and make sure you know how long it takes to charge up.

  • Is their a working light attached to the screwdriver to help when working in tight locations? If not check out our range of torches and work-lights.

  • All the power tools on our website come with a guarantee just in case something goes wrong.



Jigsaws are used for cutting accurately through various materials. They can cut both straight and curved lines. Jigsaws are extremely powerful so please take care when operating this piece of machinery. There are two types of Jigsaws, a cordless version and a corded version. The cordless version is great for working on the job, with no restrictions of how you can use it. Corded jigsaws are more powerful and great for working on durable materials such as metals and hardwoods. The more power there is, the cleaner and deeper the cut will be. Again the speed is variable on jigsaws meaning you have complete control of what you are cutting. If you are cutting any type of wood the speed must be high, as cutting with the speed too low will cause vibrations. Some materials can melt if they are cut on too high a speed, meaning you are likely to blunt the blades of the jigsaw.

Things to ensure before buying a jigsaw:

  • Make sure the handle fits perfectly in your hand and that there is enough grip. Also ensure that you have a glove to wear when operating this machinery as the wood/ metal particles can be sharp.

  • Always check the battery life and make sure you know how long it takes to charge up, as this will save time later on.

  • Is their a dust extraction adaptor? These can be very useful when working in an enclosed area.

  • All our power tools come with a guarantee, just in case something goes wrong.


There are many different types of Sanders including, belt sanders, orbital sanders and palm sanders. Each type is designed to perform different tasks, however their main aim and purpose is to quickly and efficiently smooth down surfaces. Belt sanders are quick and efficient and are specifically good for using on large areas as they have a continuous roll of abrasive paper. Orbital sanders are perfect for gaining precision! If you want a smooth finish that looks good then an orbital sander is the one for you. Palm sanders are used for all those tricky, awkward places that you can’t get to. The higher the power the quicker the job gets done.

Heat guns:

Electric Heat Guns are the perfect way to strip paint off a wall without any hassle. So if you want to get the job done quickly then this is the perfect tool for you. It creates a jet of very hot air which then acts as a softener and removes the product you wish to eliminate. They can also be used to dry damp wood and unfreeze frozen pipes. On most basic heat guns, there are two heat settings, this can used to your advantage when working on different materials. The temperature range can vary from 50-1000 Celsius depending on what model type you get, the more expensive heat guns have a higher temperature range. All heat guns come with a wide mouth nozzle, which can be used over a variety of different surfaces. But they can also come with a range of changeable ends which makes working on different materials and surfaces a lot easier. These include fishtail nozzles, cone nozzles, glass protectors and spoon reflectors. Make sure you wear protective clothing when operating a heat gun as they can be very dangerous.


Remember power tools are there to make the job easier, do not apply too much pressure when drilling, cutting or sanding. Always read the instructions and wear any recommended protective clothing or goggles.


Now you know the basics about DIY power tools so what are you waiting for? Let’s go!