Charcoal or gas, which do you prefer?
We are here to help you make up your mind up as
to which one is perfect for you.

Gas Barbecues:

Gas Barbecues are quick, easy and efficient to use. With a straightforward push button ignition, it makes cooking outside a really pleasure. With a controllable heat supply you have complete control over your cooking, meaning burning your food is not an option! Quick cooking time means that a gas BBQ is perfect for entertaining large groups. However make sure you consider the number of gas burners it has before buying, as smaller BBQ’s can have only 2 gas burners, whereas the largest barbecues can have up to 6 burners. The part which we love the most, is after you have finished cooking there is no charcoal ash to dispose of, making the cleaning process quick and easy. Simply wipe down and clean with a damp cloth and it will look as good as new. Some of our models feature side burners and warming racks, meaning you have extra cooking space which is essential when you are panicking to try and cook for 12 people at a time!

Charcoal Barbecues:

outdoor chair The more traditional way of cooking, a charcoal barbecue leaves your food with a great tasting smoky flavour! Taking up to 40 minutes to light and warm up, it will definitely be worth the wait. Once it’s reached a good temperature the charcoal will turn white, meaning you are ready to cook away. To adjust the heat, simply move the grill up or down, it’s as simple as that! Charcoal Barbecues are great for a day at the beach or camping on the moors and are also great value for money! To make the perfect occasion, why not check out our Outdoor Furniture Buyer's Guide, then you will have everything you will need to enjoy the summer sunshine in style.

Barbecue Safety:

  • Barbecues are for outdoor use only- always make sure that they are well away from fences, trees and other obstructions.

  • If using a gas barbecue then make sure that the gas is properly connected to the gas bottle before trying to light the barbecues.

  • Always use correct fuel for lighting up and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

  • Ensure matches, firelighters and all fuels are well away from lit barbecues.

  • Make sure children and pets are supervised at all times.

  • Allow the BBQ to fully cool down before cleaning.