Bedroom Furniture Buyers Guide

At The Range we have the perfect bedroom furniture to suit all your needs!

From bedside tables to divan beds, we sell it all at an affordable price, so why not come and take a look at our full product range. Sleep in comfort with stylish, high quality bedroom furniture, combining both classic and contemporary designs you are sure to find the perfect style to suit you without the hassle. Designing a bedroom, can be an extremely daunting process, especially if you have no idea as to the design you want to follow and what furniture you would like to use within the room. Well don’t fear because we are here to help you choose the perfect products for you. From oak, to pine, to walnut to beech, we have every material you will need to create a haven in your bedroom.


The first step to picking new bedroom furniture is determining the design and style of the room as a whole. Do you want to go cool and contemporary, or traditional and classic? Once you have chosen your preferred look, you can then delve into the world that is bedroom furniture shopping! One key factor that you need to consider is the space limitations that you have as this will determine what furniture you pick and where abouts it will sit in your room. For more information on this take a look at our ‘Measuring Up Furniture’ Buyers Guide for help and advice.


A key element to consider when designing your bedroom is storage. Do you go for a 2 door wardrobe or a 3 drawer wardrobe? Do you go for shelving instead of a wardrobe all together? Things to think about when making these decisions include, how much space do I have and how can I maximise my space? Here at The Range we have the perfect products from you including, chests, wardrobes, bedside tables and dressing tables. Top tip- makes sure you check the access areas into your house so that you know whether or not your new piece of furniture will fit through the doors and up the stairs.


Choosing the right material is a key element to buying bedroom furniture. Hardwoods can often look heavy and dark whereas soft woods allow a lot more light into the room and give a more contemporary feel.

Pine Bedroom Furniture

Pine is used very frequently in bedroom furniture; it is a light timber that has an off white shine to it. Perfect for creating a country living and rustic feel to a room.

Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oak is one of our top sellers when it comes to bedroom furniture, as it is sturdy, versatile and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is also extremely durable meaning that it will stand a lot more wear and tear than other materials. A key feature that people love about oak is the grain that runs throughout the wood as this can create a nice design and key area to focus on within a room. Small knots are also often visible, however that is all part of the design and adds character to your furniture as it means no two pieces will look the same.

Walnut Bedroom Furniture

Walnut is a hard wood meaning that it is suited more so in larger rooms, as the pieces are heavy and extremely dark. Walnut can be made to look modern and dynamic if you pair it up with key design pieces such as designer wallpaper and contemporary curtains.

Beech Bedroom Furniture

Beech is a hardwood, meaning it carries strong properties to it such as being extremely durable and light to look at however also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Wooden Veneers

Wooden veneers are a great way to get a natural feel whilst also saving the expense of using natural woods. It means that the furniture has been finished off with thin layers of real wood, (hardwood or softwood) that’s sits smoothly on the top of the design. To the eye it will still look exactly the same as a solid wood however it will appear lighter in weight and is cheaper to buy.

Caring for your Furniture

Wood- Protecting your furniture from hot items is extremely important as it can crack and buckle the wood. Try using coasters and place mats to prevent this from happening. Another factor that will you need to take into consideration is spillages, if water is left on the wood it will cause rotting and deterioration, so make sure you wipe it up immediately. Always use a pad or mat underneath when writing on top of a wooden surface as it can mark and indent the wood. Keep away from all heat sources such as radiators, sunlight and fires as this can weaken the joints and cause the material to shrink. And finally never drag furniture as this will knock out the joints and weaken the material, always lift. Why not redesign your whole home interior with some help from us. Check out our great ‘Living and Dining Room Furniture’ buyers guide for inspiration and advice.