Christmas Lighting Guide

Lights are one of the most important things to think about when it comes to Christmas. They light up a room instantly and create a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere. Here at The Range we stock a wide selection of Christmas Lights, ranging from novelty to ornamental, indoor to outdoor. We have all the tips and advice to help you choose the perfect lighting combination this Christmas and to help make sure you don’t fuse the lights whilst setting them up!

Battery Lights

Take the hassle out of your life throughout the festive period and use battery lights to create the perfect display. Ideal for decorating the Christmas table or your office desk, battery lights are safe and risk free however still look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. All at affordable prices, battery lights make decorating your home this Christmas a simple, carefree task. Clear flexible cables mean that they can be disguised easily, making these a preferred choice for most people. All of our battery lights require two ordinary AA batteries to work and the battery pack can easily be hidden away. All our lights have the option to be used outside however they are not water proof, so please be aware when displaying them.

Connectable Lights

Connectable lights are perfect when you are dealing with a large area as all your lights will join together. At The Range we currently stock a wide selection of connectable lights ranging in packs of 100 to 300, so if you want to create a great atmosphere this Christmas then why not join all your packs together! They allow you to link multiple sets of lights, using only one plug socket and eliminating the hassle of those annoying tangled up wires! They are extremely flexible and offer great design creative, for the ambitious Christmas lovers.

Icicle and Net Lights

Icicle and Net lights are an impressive way to decorate your home this Christmas. Create a warm and cosy glow outside your home with our great selection of Christmas lighting. Used mainly on rooflines, eaves and windows, icicle and net lights are the perfect compromise to not actually being in the North Pole! Be careful as they can be fragile in the winter months and make sure you secure them tightly and safely before you turn them on. We recommend using LED lights as they cannot smash in the wind. With easy installation, these lights are a carefree way to creating Christmas in your home. Available in various sizes, styles and colours we have the perfect products for you. The average sized home can be fully decorated and ready for Christmas with around 900 bulbs, so what’s stopping you? Get decorating!

Indoor Lights

Create a truly Christmas atmosphere and delve into our indoor lighting products range. From fun and quirky lights to modern and sophisticated decorative lights, here at The Range we have everything you will need to create the perfect design and style in your home. Give your neighbours something to talk about and go all out this Christmas!

LED & Fairy Lights

Versatile and fun to use, LED and fairy lights are the perfect home accessory. Available in a variety of different designs and styles you are sure to find the right ones for you to fit in your home interior. Our lights start from 100 bulbs all the way up to 600 bulbs, so whether you want to create a small display or shout about Christmas in your home, then come and take a look today as we have the one for you. Each product has different effects and settings that can be used to create a warm, cosy atmosphere, also some products can vary in colour. One main advantage from using LED and fairy lights is that they will not over heat, meaning that they are an extremely safe source of light to use around children and in the home.

Novelty Lights

Novelty lights are a great way to celebrate Christmas by adding that extra touch of fun! From acrylic penguins to acrylic polar bears, we sell every bit of fun you will need in your home throughout the festive period. They can differ from plug in to battery driven and can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. If you want to keep the kids entertained, then investing in novelty lighting is a MUST! Decorate your window with our great selection of window lights, the neighbours will soon be talking and wanting the same as you. The question is, will they be as creative as you?

Ornamental Lights

We stock a wide selection of Ornamental lighting including candle bridges and glass vases. All of our glass vases are available in store only however they are defiantly worth checking out, so why not pop down to your nearest store today. Perfect for sitting on a mantel piece or dinner table, ornamental lighting is a great way to incorporate Christmas into your home without looking over the top.

Outdoor Lights

is an effective way of creating Christmas in your home. Create a cosy, warm and Christmassy feel with our extensive selection of outdoor lighting. From net lights to icicle lights we have everything you will need to get creative this season. Whether you go understated and sophisticated or all out and ready to party The Range have it all covered! Available in a variety of different styles, designs and sizes there is never an excuse! Decorate your front tree with out great selection of rope lights and light up your driveway with our connectable lights range.

Rope Lights

Rope lights are a simple yet effective way to decorate your home; they add instant light in seconds. Protected in a plastic shield coating they are water proof and are also safe to use and display. They are perfect for using on roof lines, guttering and chimney stacks and an added advantage is that they are extremely easy to install and set up. Sizes can vary from 5m to 10m dependent on your needs and where you want to use them. Ropes lights are extremely lightweight and flexible, and can be wrapped around banister rails, stairways and pillars however please be mindful as rope lights are produced with a continuous wire that runs throughout them and if this is broken or snapped then they will not work.

Placement and setup

Before purchasing your lights, it is a good idea to measure the space that you have and whether or not there is a plug socket nearby. There is nothing worse than creating a beautiful display and then having no socket to plug it all in! Be prepared before putting Christmas lights up and make sure you have all this covered.

Top Tip

Some of our lights come in tub casing, meaning it is easy to pack them away and reuse year after year. Watch out for this because they are extremely practical and a cost effective way of decorating your home year on year.

Safety and Maintenance

Always make sure you check all sockets, bulbs and plugs regularly in case they over heat and catch alight. Always try and go for LED lights as they do not get hot and are more energy efficient than normal lights. Also they are a much safer choice for Kids and Pets as they are low voltage. Also be aware for damaged or worn bulbs as these can cause over heating too. Always turn off all lights and plugs when you leave the house or before you go to bed.

We recommend around 200 lights for a 6 ft tree, plus 100 more lights for each additional six inches. Why not also take a look at our Christmas Trees Buying Guide for help and advice on the perfect tree for you.