Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Buying Christmas trees can be daunting, as there are so many different types and styles to choose from. Well don’t fear, because we are here to help make sure your Christmas runs smoothly. At The Range we offer a great selection of artificial trees, including pre lit trees, fibre optic trees, snow trees and tinsel trees.

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees are hassle free, effective and extremely easy to maintain. Starting from 4ft all the way up to 12ft we offer a great selection for you to choose from. All our artificial trees come with either a plastic or metal based stand and are also flame retardant, which is extremely important! The number of tips that are included on each tree depends on how full you would like to tree to look. Our trees start with around 270 tips for the smaller trees, all the way up to 3000 tips for the larger trees.

Fibre Optic Trees

Fibre Optic Trees are a great way to a quick Christmas! If you are in a rush and busy all the time a fibre optic tree is perfect for you. Simply assemble, plug it in and you are ready to go, without the hassle of decorating them. With LED lights on the end of each branch it makes the overall look perfect, adding a little bit of sparkle to your Christmas. Ranging from 4ft to 5ft these trees will look great in any living room area.

Slim Trees

Slim trees are ideal for a small apartment or home interior. If your space is limited then this is the tree for you. Standing tall but with a reduced width, they are ideal for creating a Christmas atmosphere in a small space. They are flame retardant and all come with a sturdy stand.

Snow Trees

Snow trees add fun to your home throughout the festive period. Some include fake snow falling from them, which will defiantly get everyone talking this Christmas. Others are white and give a swan lake type feel to a home! Get in the Christmas mood this season and take a look at what we have to offer and create the perfect interior, all at an affordable price.

Table Top Trees

Table top trees are perfect for an office environment or if you want to celebrate Christmas in a small manner. Perfect for displaying on a shelf or above a fire place, table top trees give that sense of festivity without the overkill. Starting from 1ft these trees are ideal to be placed in a small area or home. All of them come with a metal or plastic stand and are flame retardant.

Tinsel Trees

Add some sparkle to your home this Christmas with our fantastic range of tinsel trees. Ideal as a centre piece or on your desk at work, these Christmas Trees will ensure you get into that Christmas feeling no matter how big or small your tree is. Starting from 1ft these trees are extremely small and come already decorated, meaning there is no hassle to prepare and decorate the tree.


The assembly of the tree is the most important part, it can be a fun filled activity for the whole family. We sell a number or trees with hinged brackets and a number with hook brackets. Hinged are slightly quicker to assemble and hassle free (please see product descriptions for more information). First of all you must set up the tree by putting all the correct branches in place and then you need to attached your base and make sure its sturdy! There is nothing worse than decorating a beautiful tree for it to then fall over. You need to then make sure your tree looks full by bending your branches to fill missing gaps and spaces. You also need to make sure your branches are facing tips upwards as this will make it easier to hang your decorations. Please see product descriptions for the assembly time.


If you have purchased a pre lit tree or fibre optic tree then you will not need to worry about this however if you haven’t, then lighting is a key accessory that you need to think about. Create the perfect mood and atmosphere with the correct lights for your tree. Whether you are looking for something contemporary and modern or traditional and quirky we have it all. Take a look at our Christmas lights section and Christmas lights buying guide to help you find the perfect products! We have a great range of LED and fairy lights, battery lights and connectable lights , so come and take a look today. We sell a number of light that are supplied in tubs, as this means that you can pack them away easily at the end of the season and reuse them next year.

How many lights do I need on my tree?

We recommend around 200 lights for a 6 ft tree, plus 100 more lights for each additional six inches. Why not also take a look at our Christmas Lighting Buying Guide for help and advice on the perfect tree for you.

Placement & Setup

Before purchasing a tree it is a good idea to measure exactly where it is going to go and make sure that the height and width that you have allowed for is correct. There would be nothing worse than spending a long time choosing the prefect tree and then getting it home and finding out it doesn’t fit! When measuring your space, always allow for an extra 4cm each way, as your decorations will take up extra space in your chosen area. Slim trees are designed for people with less space and will look great in a hallway or dining room, so if your space is limited this is one to consider.

Safety and Maintenance

Always make sure you check all sockets, bulbs and plugs regularly incase they over heat and catch alight. Always try and go for LED lights as they do not get hot and are more energy efficient than normal lights. Also they are a much safer choice for Kids and Pets as they are low voltage. Also be aware for damaged or worn bulbs as these can cause over heating too. Top tip- ALWAYS turn off all lights and plugs when you leave the house or before you go to bed.