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Bathroom Accessories

Accessories can make a room truly unique, so why not customise your bathroom space in a colourful and stylish way. A vibrantly coloured glass or tumbler will reflect the light and brighten up the room, while a luxurious lotion bottle will give your bathroom a glamorous edge.

A toilet brush and holder in a chic, modern design will ensure that the practical is not dull, while a colourful set of state of the art weighing scales will help you on your way to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Bathroom Furniture

A bathroom cabinet will solve all of your storage problems, offering a spacious and secure place to keep your everyday essentials. A midboy style cabinet will give plenty of drawer storage, and a glass unit can display your coloured accessories.

Soften the look of your bathroom with a basket drawer unit that’s on trend in a light and fresh nautical style. A traditional wicker basket drawer unit will offer a comforting feel to your bathroom, while giving you all the storage space you need.

Bathroom Linen and Towels

Towels are an everyday essential that no bathroom should be without. Mix and match different sized towels in a range of colours and designs, or choose a matching towel set for a luxurious feel in your bathroom.

Finish the look of your bathroom with a soft and warm pedestal and bath mat set, offering a practical and stylish solution to slipping on a wet floor.