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Decorating your home gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction, so ensure that the experience is an enjoyable one! A stepladder will take away the need to balance on a chair, while a wallpaper stripping knife will make the chore of clearing walls an easy one.

A paint brush set in a selection of sizes will make it easy to give a flawless paint finish at any angle. A paint roller will not only give a smooth finish to your walls and ceiling, but will save time when painting large areas.

Power Tools

A power tool can make a job quick and easy, doing the hard work for you. A cordless drill will help you to effortlessly hang mirrors or build cabinets, while a circular saw will take away the hard labour required when cutting wood

An impact drill is perfect for those heavy duty tasks, able to drill through steel, wood and even concrete! Cleaning your car, house or paving will become a fast and stress free experience with a powerful pressure washer.

Hand Tools

Perfect for those who prefer manual DIY, our selection of hand tools will offer help for every task. A sturdy saw will make for effortless cutting, while no tool box is complete without a set of different sized screwdrivers and a hammer.

A multi-function tool will be great for DIY on the go, with pliers, file, mini saw and screwdriver at your fingertips. With our wide range of hand tools you will always be ready for anything