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To begin, decide on the lights you want to use on your tree. If your theme is traditional, white lights will give you a classic and inviting look, whilst multi coloured lights work really well with more contemporary and modern themes. Begin draping your lights in a spiral, working from the very top of the tree to the bottom.
Make sure you push the lights into the foliage to hide wires and create depth. Depending on how big the tree is, you may need two or three packs of 100 lights. Plenty of twinkling fairy lights is one of the secrets to a spectacular Christmas tree.

Next, add ribbons, garlands, bells or string beads at this point. Mix
and match different sizes and textures to add interest and help the tree look ‘full’. Thick organza ribbons look great towards the bottom of the tree, whilst you can drape more delicate beads around the top branches.

Now you can add your ornaments and baubles to the tree. It’s worth investingin a few packs of generic, ‘filler’ baubles to help fill out the tree and create a luxurious, full look. You can then add your favourite ornaments in prominent places on the tree to stand out. Place the baubles systematically around the tree, either side to side or top to bottom - this helps you space them more evenly.

Finish off your tree with clip on decorations such as birds, foliage or icicles, and of course your tree topper of choice. Your tree should now look beautifully decorated, full of sparkling lights and magical baubles. Now grab yourself a nice mulled wine and enjoy your handiwork!

Battery Lighting

Battery powered lights are hassle free and easy to use, not needing any socket to plug into. Decorate your tree, office desk or anywhere that’s hard to reach, creating a magical atmosphere without trailing wires! Clear, flexible cables means the wires can be hidden easily, and because they are so easy and practical to use, battery powered lights are the preferred choice for many people.

Novelty Lighting

Novelty lights add an extra touch of fun to your Christmas celebrations and are great for those who like to be a little bit different with their decorations. They come in all shapes and varieties, from polar bears and penguins to stars, berries and hearts. Affordable and versatile, they come in both battery and plug in options, helping you to get creative in your home no matter your budget.

Ornamental Lighting

Ornamental lighting is perfect for creating a statement in your home, and can include everything from candle bridges to glass vases. Used on their own, they add a warmth and festive ambience to even the most minimal of decorations, and can also be used as focal points for more elaborate schemes. They can also double up as beautiful homeware gifts for the Christmas season.

Rope Lighting

Rope lights are a quick and easy way to decorate your home, adding instant light in seconds without delicate bulbs. Thanks to a plastic shield coating, rope lights are waterproof, making them perfect for use on rooflines and around outside doorways. Extremely easy to install and setup, they are lightweight and flexible, giving an elegant and stylish look to your festive decorations.

Icicle & Net Lighting

Mainly for use on rooflines, eaves and windows, icicle and net lights quickly transform a space from something ordinary into something enchanting. They are easy to install and make Christmas decorating fun and hassle free. We recommend using LED lights, as these don’t break in the wind and are a more energy efficient option. Not to mention they come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit your home this Christmas, so what’s stopping you?!

LED & Fairy Lights

Versatile and fun to use, LED and fairy lights are the perfect home accessory. Available in a variety of designs and styles, our lights start from 100 bulbs and go all the way up to 600, allowing you to get creative making a feature for your home. Choose from warm, white lights to cool, contemporary blues, or even a festive cherry red.

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