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Busybee Gardening Gloves

You may have seen a few of his family members occasionally flying through the warm air this summer but have you met the bee himself? Eric has recently taken the world by storm; his aim is to leave behind a domestic trail of bliss and to install colour and fun to your cleaning chores with his range of gardening gloves.

Gardening Gloves

Not only is it the image and style of the products that’s so impressive. This bizzybee also offers cleaning ware that has been proven to combat irritation of the skin, helping to moisturise and sooth those hard working sensitive hands.

Before I try to make cleaning sound fun we all know it’s an activity that’s not the highest of agendas. Unless of course you have a cleaning OCD or actually gain a thrill from doing so, then fair enough, but for the majority it’s a bit a time killer. Then again, where it isn’t fun it’s essential! And this is where Eric comes in.

Eric’s here to revamp cleaning equipment for the joy of millions. You may think it’s a subject that doesn’t need glamorising but when the average man spends 6,448 hours cleaning the home and the average woman spends 12,896 hours cleaning, if you’re going to do it then why not do it in style?

Those standard yellow marigolds are getting bunged in the bin when this guy is around. The relegation of worn washing up gloves is imminent. For instance, check out these bizzybee pattern gloves, vibrant polka dots that don’t only look pretty but feel brilliant too.

The protective cotton lining adds comfort to your washing up chores, almost cuddling up to your hands as you wipe away the food trails from your dishes. If you hear a knock at the door while you’re in the middle of your dishes I’m sure you’d be more inclined to keep them on rather than those sweaty old marigolds, “Ohhh these are nice, check you out cleaning in style.”

If the Bizzybee pattern gloves are a bit too garish and you’re more about comfort and practicality, then a pair of these bizzybee satin gloves are probably the best fit for you.

These beautifully textured cleaning gloves are one of a kind. The bizzybee gloves substitute the run of the mill flock lining, commonly known to irritate skin, and replace this with kinder to the skin sensitive satin. I’m sure even the most hard nosed of men will enjoy wearing these whilst getting stuck into a big pile of washing up or cleaning down some dirty surfaces.

The bizzybee cleaning range successfully combines health and comfort with style and colour, and perhaps Eric the bee has created a future insight into the cleaning ware we don day in, day out. What is for definite, is that if you need to upgrade your cleaning gloves then buying these will be a blooming great idea. Install the colour, embrace the touch and feel the buzz for these bizzybee cleaning products.

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