Sodastream Soda Maker Review


Put away those expensively priced juices and those oh so predictable flavours and exchange this with your own very Sodastream with The Range.

Sodastream products enable you, your family and your friends to experiment with taste, colour and flavour. With an extensive range of Sodastream syrups The Range is your new Sodastream source, supplying syrups and Sodastream refills at affordable prices.

Sodastream Drinks Maker BlackAll you need to get started is a soda machine. You may have heard of the Sodastream Genesis but the Black Soda Stream Drinks Maker is probably your best bet if you look to welcome a soda maker into your home.

Sodastream Review

Families – Perhaps you’ve exhausted all of your pre planned summer holiday activities, may be the kids have had enough trips to the park and are growing tired of countless colouring. This could be the perfect chance to sit down, have fun and do something a little bit different whilst bonding with your children. The results are great, whether you are young or old; when you go to taste your creation you can gain a real sense of achievement and it’s sure to be a hit with the little ones.

Sodastream Flavours

Sodastream Sample Pack SyrupsWhy not test your tastes with the Sodastream Sample Pack. The Sodastream samplers pack includes 12 tasty flavours, allowing you to tinkle with your tastes before you find yourself your perfect soda.

The Sporty Types – Whether you are someone who uses energy drinks to accommodate your exercise regime or you simply drink them to get you through a rough tiresome day at work, energy drinks are big business in this modern age! But why rely on the same old expensive sport energy brands when you can benefit from creating your own energy drinks with Sodastream.

Sodastream Xtreme Energy Diet SyrupSodastream boast a collection of energy syrups to help boost your performance, you can try out the Sodastream Blueberry Sport Syrup for some fruity sport elevating energy.

Or for further active performance and to enhance your extra energy kick the Sodastream Xtreme Energy Sugar Free Syrup is perfect to keep you going.

Sodastream Diet Cola SyrupDieters – If you’re looking to tackle that stubborn fat or simply wish to continue your healthy lifestyle then Sodastream Diet syrups are a great way to have fun whilst being good to your body. Sodastream diet syrups and syrups with no added sugar have been specifically designed with dieters and healthy drinkers in mind.

There is even the popular Sodastream Diet Cola Syrup with no added preservatives or sugar.

Why switch to the Sodastream system?

Fed up heavy bag carriers – This is for those that hate lumbering back heavy bags from the shop. Buying a Sodastream machine will reduce the strain on your arms as you continually lug back 2L bottles from your local shop. With just a flick of the switch you can create a large volume of great tasting soda without having to leave your home.

Smaller dent on your wallet and purse – Forking out on buying a Sodastream maker or a pack of syrups may at first seem like an adventurous purchase, but in the long run you will reap the financial rewards. In fact, buying Sodastream items will have you making great savings compared to pre-packed carbonated water and beverages.

Kinder to our environment – By going strictly Sodastream you will cut out the need to manufacture bottles. This is great news for the environment and eradicates the demand to pump out plastic bottles that often get churned into unhealthy waste.

Proud people that like a bit of competition – Of course, the real winner with Sodastream products is the ability to personalise your drink. Comparing and contrasting your drinking developments with both your friends and family can be quite the giggle. You don’t have to worry about the ‘picky one’ of the group as the flavours on offer are broad and always updating. From your traditional favourites Cherry and Lemonade to the more adventurous tastes of Pink Grapefruit and Cream Soda.

Once you’ve become accustomed to this Sodastream system you can explore deeper in to the realm of the Sodastream phenomenon with many more flavours at your disposal. All in all, it’s cheaper, tastier and the fun alternative to buying your same old brands for the same old prices. With the summer holidays in full swing this could be the ideal purchase to marry both your time with the kids and a creative activity to quench your thirst!

If you wish to comment on your sodastream successes or perhaps you haven’t quite got there in creating your perfect soda, why not leave your thoughts at the bottom of the page and you never know you might just get that inspiration you’re looking for.

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